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Hello Spiritual Warrior!!! Welcome to the Inner Wisdom blog!!! I am grateful for your visit. Every day I dedicate myself to creating a sacred space for you to learn about yourself & learn about life. It’s a wild journey filled with celebration & disappointment, success & sadness, exhilaration & frustration and I am dedicated to helping you balance, heal, soar, and evolve into your best version.

Everything here is real world – practical application. I won’t waste your time with theory that leads nowhere. We’ll explore meditation, destressifying, mindful performance, conscious choice making, and integrating ancient wisdom into our real-world, modern-day experiences to help you take your life to the next level. Let’s do this together!!!

What does it mean to live with more acceptance?

When you awaken the Sacred Power of Acceptance, you finally recognize that wherever you are, every moment of the past is carved in stone and for you to evolve your life, improve your situation, or find deeper fulfillment you must own the present moment.

Awakening Our Chakra Energies Guided Meditation

In this week’s meditation we will activate, open, release, and expand our chakras, by “tuning” them and bringing our awareness to them, envisioning the color of the chakra, connecting to its particular intention, and then repeating the vibration or mantra associated with the chakra. Enjoy!

Living with Less Judgement – Key to the Divine Principle of One

With so many people on the planet, it’s often impossible to comprehend that you share the essence of a tribal warrior 10,000 miles away. Or that your soul and the soul of some violent dictator in another country are one. But at your core, you are whole and one with everything in existence and everything that has ever existed.

Take My Dimmer to Shimmer! Guided Meditation

It’s time to take our dimmer to shimmer!!! Today is not the day to play small; it’s not the day dim your light; it’s not the day to let your dreams drift away.

How Do You Choose between Your Heart and Your Commitments?

The Divine Principle of Awareness is the evolutionary starting point for transforming the world around you as you transform yourself! It’s the cornerstone for every step you take to move your life from where it is to where you’d like to be.

Shift into My Next Gear Guided Meditation

Peaches the Buddha Princess teaches us, “Resist nothing and receive unconditional love.”

Struggling with Forgiveness? Here’s How to Lighten Your Heart

The ancient teachings remind us that when we forgive, we free ourselves from the threads that connect us to the one who hurt us. So start to loosen your grip on those threads.

Forgiveness Guided Meditation

The ancient teachings of energetic flow say that your heart is your forgiveness center and your throat is your permission center. To awaken your power of REbirth, we need to awaken forgiveness and permission, forgive ourselves for everything that’s ever happened in our lives, and grant our self-permission to heal, move forward, and thrive. Forgiveness, … Continue reading Forgiveness Guided Meditation

Finding Your Own Divine Flow with the Universe

Many of Osho’s teachings irritated people, and many others found them irreverent. But at the end of the day, his purpose was to challenge us to reach deep within our souls and find our own constrictions.

Soothing Healing Love Guided Meditation

With each breath we will allow, accept, and receive soothing, healing, love into every aspect of your heart and body with this body scan guided practice.

This is How We Peel Away the Artificial Illusions of Separation

Many of the ageless spiritual teachings are based on the concept of the Divine Principle of One—the belief that there is no separation between anything.

Master Elements Guided Meditation

When you have each of these elements flowing through you, you are balanced and connected to the divine.