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Struggling with Forgiveness? Here’s How to Lighten Your Heart

The ancient teachings remind us that when we forgive, we free ourselves from the threads that connect us to the one who hurt us. So start to loosen your grip on those threads.

Forgiveness Guided Meditation

The ancient teachings of energetic flow say that your heart is your forgiveness center and your throat is your permission center. To awaken your power of REbirth, we need to awaken forgiveness and permission, forgive ourselves for everything that’s ever happened in our lives, and grant our self-permission to heal, move forward, and thrive.

Finding Your Own Divine Flow with the Universe

Many of Osho’s teachings irritated people, and many others found them irreverent. But at the end of the day, his purpose was to challenge us to reach deep within our souls and find our own constrictions.

Soothing Healing Love Guided Meditation

With each breath we will allow, accept, and receive soothing, healing, love into every aspect of your heart and body with this body scan guided practice.

This is How We Peel Away the Artificial Illusions of Separation

Many of the ageless spiritual teachings are based on the concept of the Divine Principle of One—the belief that there is no separation between anything.

Master Elements Guided Meditation

When you have each of these elements flowing through you, you are balanced and connected to the divine.

This is Why Ritualization is So Important to Your Meditation Practice

Starting your day with a meditation ritual provides the perfect environment for your intentions to embed and for your day to unfold with greater grace and greater ease.

Stepping into Clarity Guided Meditation from Journey to Infinity

For this week’s meditation, I’m sharing with you a track from my album Journey to Infinity. Track 6 is about stepping into clarity with the element vayu, or air.

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