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Do you move through life with poverty consciousness?

When we allow the world to lovingly flow into us with open arms and then let it flow out of us with grace and generosity, we become a conduit for whatever we desire.

Planting Subtle Intentions Guided Meditation

One powerful, tangible result is that these affirmations ripple through our awareness all day long and the practice will help you to be a more conscious choice maker.

True Compassion is Independent of Attachment

I have found these emotional healing processes to be powerful pathways to forgiveness, true compassion, growth, and self-love.

What is missing from your life? Use this tool to find out.

The swirl will slow. Clarity will unfold. Your choices will become more evident. Your decisions will start to truly nourish you and those in your world. With gentle repetition, this can become a daily practice. And it only takes a few minutes of attention on each realm.

Flowing the Divine Guided Meditation

This week, let’s progressively quiet the fluctuations of the mind, slow the swirl around us, relieve our stress and open our heart to trust by awakening the Shakti energy that flows through us.

Current events: What is going on, and what can we do?

We must remember George Floyd – along with the way-too-long list of African American martyrs who have been slain out of fear, arrogance, entitlement, self-loathing, privilege, lack of presence, & preservation of the status quo.

Healing the Planet Guided Meditation

davidji meditation · Healing the Planet Guided Meditation Share it. Peace. -davidji

What Do You Do When You Feel Sad or Mad or in Emotional Pain?

As an ancient sage once said, “All that we are arises with our thoughts; with our thoughts, we create the world.”

davidji Events Offer an Amazing Personal Experience

The magic of miracles happens most when we remain open without expectation. So why do we struggle? –davidji