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This is How to Discover Your Passion

You may be very clear on what you think matters to you right now. But how much of that is based on what’s happened to you over the course of your life, and how you’ve reacted to it?

Discovering Your Dharma Guided Meditation

In many Eastern philosophies, there is a term for purpose in life – known as dharma (pronounced dar- mah), which comes from the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit and literally means “pillar” — that which upholds. There are hundreds of definitions for this word which is now part of our lexicon thanks to a TV … Continue reading Discovering Your Dharma Guided Meditation

Where Does Money Fit Into Abundance Consciousness?

Money is a pragmatic part of our every day life, and we rely on it for many things in this day and age.

Infinite Possibilities Guided Meditation

During meditation, we can allow the master elements to flow into us to strengthen and awaken the characteristics that come from each element.

Releasing Sweet Vital Nectar Guided Meditation

If our physical AGNI is not burning brightly, but rather sputtering, like wet leaves on a bonfire, then what’s left behind is not Ojas, but Ama or toxic residue.

It Only Takes This Simple Exercise to Raise Your Vibration

This week try the simple exercise I talk about in the video and watch the results of your ripple!

Every Athlete, CEO, Cop, Soldier, Parent, Student… Should Do This

As the pace of technology in brain-imaging software increases, we are finally able to look deep into the brain and see what happens when someone meditates.

Power of Intention Guided Meditation

Welcome to a brand new week! It’s easy to get confused over setting an intention. Should it be big? Or small? Attainable? Or beyond reach? Should it be about me or another person? But if the definition of intention is simply to have in mind a purpose or plan to direct the mind—to aim—then there … Continue reading Power of Intention Guided Meditation

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