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10 Steps Toward Living Your Best Life

We know that at your core, you are pure, perfect, whole, and enlightened. But most likely, many of the decisions you’ve made came from scenarios in which you were forced to make a choice that ultimately was not in your best interest or not of your own design, and it did not support your divine purpose.

Awakening the Teacher within You

When we are “in our dharma,” we are aligning our intentions, thoughts, words, and actions with our essence.

This is Why It’s Important to Honor Your Emotions

When storm clouds seem to overtake your emotions; when you find yourself feeling shame, jealousy, self-doubt, inadequacy, or loneliness; when the shield of pride you constantly hold up to protect yourself has become too heavy, your awakened heart is there to comfort and heal you.

Shifting Our Perspective Guided Meditation

Grievance or miracle… which do you choose?

Mindfulness Meditation: Exploring Different Techniques

We can place our intentions into the future, but the only action that can impact the future is the one we take right here, right now, in the present moment.

Stardust Morning Guided Meditation

Enjoy this week’s stardust morning meditation.

(Self) Kindness Matters

Timeless wisdom teaches that the source of all kindness is self-kindness; the source of all compassion is self-compassion; the source of all forgiveness is self-forgiveness; and the source of all love is self-love.

davidji Events Offer an Amazing Personal Experience

The magic of miracles happens most when we remain open without expectation. So why do we struggle? –davidji