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Happiness is a choice! And we must remind ourselves that we have a choice in each moment…that we can choose the best outcome or the most painful outcome. 

Guided Meditation to SLOW DOWN After Work & Get GOOD SLEEP

This meditation will help you slow down your racing thoughts, unwind from the day, quiet your mind, and help prepare you to get a good sleep tonight.

Guided Meditation for Shifting Your REALITY & Stepping Into Your POWER

We shift our reality by connecting to our TRUTH! And we connect to our truth through this guided meditation for throat chakra healing.

My Beach Trip Morning Routine ft. Peaches the Buddha Princess

When I am feeling overwhelmed or stressed, I love to start my mornings at the beach with Peaches. And this is the perfect setting to practice one of my favorite pattern interrupts. 

Why You Don’t Need to Be Perfect

Ring the bells that still can ringForget your perfect offeringThere is a crack in everythingThat’s how the light gets in. —Leonard Cohen Hello Spiritual Warrior! Welcome to this week’s Life Tools. Today we are exploring why you really don’t need to be perfect. Excuses, excuses! We have a million of them; a million reasons why … Continue reading Why You Don’t Need to Be Perfect

20 Minute Guided Meditation to Calm Your Stress & Anxiety Through Pranayama

In this guided meditation, we will practice “infinity breathing”, a pranayama technique that will allow you to calm your stress, reduce your anxiety, slow your heartbeat, and unlock your full potential.

3 Simple Tips to Reduce Your STRESS Right Now

Yes, stress! We know it. We all have it. We all experience it. It’s part of the human condition. The first step to reducing your stress, is understanding your stress.

15 Minute Guided Meditation to Find Peace in this Moment

This short guided 15 minute meditation for inner peace is the perfect way to welcome stillness, balance, and joy into your life… and to let go of what is holding your back like stress, anxiety and fear.

davidji Events Offer an Amazing Personal Experience

The magic of miracles happens most when we remain open without expectation. So why do we struggle? –davidji