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Moving through Grief and Loss with Greater Grace, Ease

But there is another side to the story… integrating the magnificent gifts you’ve received from what you’ve lost – the sweet memories, the joys of your past, the special moments – and that magnificence is something to celebrate.

This is Why Failure is Never the End

Extraordinary people use failure as a catalyst to grow, and if you’re not failing sometimes, you might not be pushing yourself to become your best version. So this week, reflect on a recent failure… it can be giant or small… but none is insignificant!!!

Cosmic Awareness Guided Meditation

This weekend, let’s flow our prana life force, merge our physical body with our environment and allow our spiritbody to connect with the world outside.

Quick Tip for Centering Yourself in the Moment

When we introduce a pattern interrupt into our flow of thoughts, we can gently step aside from the uneasy memories of the past or the anxious thoughts of the future – and truly ground ourselves back into the present moment – our bodymind moves beyond all that irritation, anger, discomfort, anxiety, less-than, or “it’s not fair” thinking.

Balancing Your Energies Guided Meditation

As we breathe in and out we harmonize our Venus and Mars, we merge our Shiva and Shakti, we embrace our masculine and feminine. The balance that occurs with in us allows us to move in any moment with the right response and spontaneous right though, word or action.

Practicing Presence and Surrendering to Trust

This time-tested process will instantly infuse all the conversations in your head with a tiny bit of stillness.

Healing Your MindBody

Enjoy, spiritual warriors!!! I’m in India right now, leading 10 law enforcement professionals from the Blue Courage program on a 10-day pilgrimage. Wander with me on @flowoflove on Facebook and @davidjimeditation on Instagram and follow our adventures. Peace. -davidji

What Connects You to Source?

Tears were streaming down my cheeks, a profound sense of well-being rippled through me, and Jinghan was gone. As I looked around, I wondered out loud, “Was he even really here?”

davidji Events Offer an Amazing Personal Experience

The magic of miracles happens most when we remain open without expectation. So why do we struggle? –davidji