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kari anapol lotus dream manifesting

Manifesting All You Desire Weekend Meditation

Artwork by Kari Anapol View more of her art at Mantra: Om Ram Ritam This weekend let’s focus on the manifestation process so we can watch all of our seeds burst through the soil and begin their process of reaching for the sky. You have your dreams and visions – you’ve set your intentions…and … Continue reading Manifesting All You Desire Weekend Meditation

connection energy

Connection Weekend Guided Meditation

Photo Credit: Studio5Graphics via Compfight cc This week, let’s focus on a constriction in our body or in our emotions, and practice connection – clear our chakras. Let’s bring relief, connection, and the ability to heal and expand beyond pain, grief, worry, stress, anxiety. Ayurveda teaches us to study, understand, and balance our mindbodyspirit as a … Continue reading Connection Weekend Guided Meditation

Personal Freedom Weekend Meditation

Artwork by Kari Anapol Mantra: Ram Ram Namaha The quest of a Spiritual Warrior is for Personal Freedom. Personal Freedom means freedom from fear, illusions, and the fear based beliefs that the spiritual warrior within battles – the beliefs of the mind that are limiting, conditioned, and self-imposed. It is with Personal Freedom that … Continue reading Personal Freedom Weekend Meditation

No More Regrets, Only Forgiveness Weekend Meditation

Mantra: Yogastha Kuru Karmani Each of us has something in our life that is a source of regret, grief, shame, guilt or sadness; something we’ve said or done that haunts us, distracts us, and weighs on our heart. Breaking a promise, making a bad or non-nourishing choice, lying and getting caught, cheating on a partner, … Continue reading No More Regrets, Only Forgiveness Weekend Meditation

Opening Our Energy Centers (Chakra Affirmations) Weekend Meditation

Love the artwork? Meet artist Simon Haiduk. Mantras: Aham Brahmasmi When our energy centers, or chakras, are open and vibrant we are abundantly rich in the vital life force, known in Sanskrit as “prana.” We feel grounded, inspired, energized, loving, kind, grateful, intuitive, and connected to source. When energy becomes stagnant in one or more of these … Continue reading Opening Our Energy Centers (Chakra Affirmations) Weekend Meditation

The Healing Space Weekend Meditation

Artwork by Kari Anapol; Mantra: Om Akasha Ritam Discover that healing space within. We cannot solve a problem from the same level of consciousness that created it. But when we perceive there is a problem in our life, we create a constriction. It’s what happens next that truly constricts us. We have thoughts of … Continue reading The Healing Space Weekend Meditation

Awakening Your Inner Healer Weekend Meditation

Photo Credit: torbakhopper via Compfight cc This is the wild roller coaster of life – ever changing, ever unfolding, ever uncertain. As each day comes to a close, we may find ourselves seeking healing – healing of our minds, healing of our bodies, and healing of our souls. Sometimes, we can benefit from outside help … Continue reading Awakening Your Inner Healer Weekend Meditation

Vibration – Weekend Meditation

Photo Credit: Frances Lane via Compfight cc If we’re vibrating at a high frequency, we can sense all things around us. If we’re vibrating at a low frequency, we’re trapped in our mind. Immune to all sounds, emotional interpretations. Every thing is about attention and intention. The only way to raise our vibration is to … Continue reading Vibration – Weekend Meditation

Slowing Down the World Around You – Weekend Meditation

Mantra: Akasha Ritam You have the ability to control the speed and frequency at which life comes at you. Science is now proving that slowing down our brainwaves through destressifying techniques such as starting each day in stillness and silence is possible. By connecting to the present moment – whether through in-the-moment stress-busters or through a daily practice of meditation – … Continue reading Slowing Down the World Around You – Weekend Meditation

Oneness Vibration – Weekend Meditation

Mantra: Satya ritam One-ness: There is no past or future, there is only this moment. Surender yourself to this perfect, precious, present moment. The concept of nondualism, or one-ness, says that  there is no separation between our body and our soul, and there is only one-ness. The separation we create is an illusion. Every time … Continue reading Oneness Vibration – Weekend Meditation

Loving What Is Weekend Meditation

Photo Credit: Nicholas_T via Compfight cc We are not in the world … the world is in us. Every single experience that has ever happened to you brought you to this point in your life. It’s all culminated to now. There maybe something in your life that you wish never happened: a sadness, a loss, … Continue reading Loving What Is Weekend Meditation

Letting the Light In Weekend Meditation

Photo Credit: Maiara Bolsson via Compfight cc Mantra: Om Moksha Ananda Ritam Peaches the Buddha Princess teaches us, “Resist nothing and receive unconditional love.” As we step into a new year, we have an opportunity to open our heart and give to this world all of our beauty. To step into the bold new 2016 version … Continue reading Letting the Light In Weekend Meditation

Gratitude Weekend Meditation

Photo Credit: NolwennP via Compfight cc Mantra: Om shanti ritam Gratitude feeds our souls. Gratitude reminds us of what truly matters in life. Let’s make room for a little gratitude every day, and it will be easier to avoid day-to-day stresses and more difficult to take for granted the things that are important to us. When you remind yourself of what … Continue reading Gratitude Weekend Meditation

Total Relaxation Weekend Meditation

Photo Credit: carlobaldino via Compfight cc Mantra: Om At our core, we ARE stillness and silence – pure unbounded, unconditioned consciousness. There are many kinds of activity but only one stillness and one silence. Every time we meditate we connect to that space…that nothingness…that NO THING ness. And when we return to our waking state … Continue reading Total Relaxation Weekend Meditation

Venus & Mars – Weekend Meditation

Mantra: Om shiva shakti ritam There are two energies that flow through every moment: masculine and feminine … Mars and Venus … Shiva and Shakti. Shiva represents paternal love that gives us consciousness, clarity and knowledge. Shakti is motherly love that surrounds us with warmth, caring and protection. As they merge with each other, each moment shifts.  Even with each breath we … Continue reading Venus & Mars – Weekend Meditation

The Secrets of the SweetSpot Weekend Meditation

Mantra: Om Yam Ritam Sutra is pronounced soo-tra and literally means a thread or line that holds things together. I have crafted my own set of personal heart-opening sutras from the myriad translations of the Buddha, Osho, the New Testament, Thich Nhất Hạnh, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Pema Chodron, & St. Francis of Assisi and merged them … Continue reading The Secrets of the SweetSpot Weekend Meditation

Taking Your Life to the Next Level Weekend Meditation

Photo Credit: Philliz88 via Compfight cc Mantra: Om namah shivaya “If it’s to be, it’s up to me.” What does this mean? It means that to take our lives to the next level, we must accept that we are in this sacred, precious moment and celebrate that this moment is pure, whole, and perfect, and that every moment leading … Continue reading Taking Your Life to the Next Level Weekend Meditation

Pattern Interrupt Weekend Meditation

Photo Credit: downeym via Compfight cc Mantra: So Hum An important key to destressifying is mastering our awareness – which starts by connecting to the stillness and silence that rests within. Introducing pattern interrupts into your life throughout the day is a powerful awareness tool – but starting your day from a platform of stillness and … Continue reading Pattern Interrupt Weekend Meditation

I Am the Universe Weekend Meditation

Mantra: Aham Brahmasmi Sometimes in our lives there are speed bumps, other times roadblocks, often times tall walls, and occasionally a door slammed shut. In my new book destressifying: The Real-World Guide to Personal Empowerment, Lasting Fulfillment, and Peace of Mind, I show you how we can use each obstacle in our life – regardless … Continue reading I Am the Universe Weekend Meditation

Manifesting Intentions – Weekend Meditation

Photo Credit: Grégory Tonon via Compfight cc Mantra: I AM In my book “destressifying” we learn that everything in our existence is based on our attention and our intention. What we place our attention on grows and blossoms and blooms in our awareness; what we drift our attention away from, diminishes, and dies. We know that … Continue reading Manifesting Intentions – Weekend Meditation

Transform FEAR into TRUST – Weekend Meditation

Photo Credit: Todd Huffman via Compfight cc The many stages of life, jobs, careers, or relationships, can create vulnerability to FEAR and anxiety. These transitional times bring on levels of uncertainty. We’re not the person we once were nor are we the one we’re about to become. So we need to establish a life of … Continue reading Transform FEAR into TRUST – Weekend Meditation

Healing Emotions – Weekend Meditation

Mantra: Bodhicitta Moksha Emotions run through us every minute of every day. Some are constructive and healing emotions (compassion, love, empathy) and some are destructive (anger, fear, depression, shame, blame and envy). So what may just start out as a natural feeling in the body — what we do with, how we process it and deal with the emotion … Continue reading Healing Emotions – Weekend Meditation

Healing from the Inside – Weekend Meditation

Mantra: Ananda What emotions are inside you? Anger, greed, jealousy, fear, resentment? Or love, hope, understanding, empathy, kindness, compassion? Which set of emotions do you put your attention on? Which ones do you feed? The more important question is which emotions do you WANT to feed, cultivate and put your attention on? We have that power — … Continue reading Healing from the Inside – Weekend Meditation

deeper still

Dream into Destiny – Weekend Meditation

“San Kalpa” is an intention, a positive affirmation. Plant an intention you’d like to see unfold. Invite it into your awareness. Welcome it, and open yourself to your destiny. Let’s make dreams come true. What does it mean to plant the seeds in fertile soil? It means inviting your intentions into the nourishing womb of creation … Continue reading Dream into Destiny – Weekend Meditation

Softening to Oneness – Weekend Meditation

Happy weekend Spiritual Warriors! Even your breathing can transform a stressful moment into a destressified one. When you’re feeling a bit harsh, or impatient, or judgmental, or angry… just slip into heart breathing. You can do this for a few minutes ANYTIME you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed. You can practice it as a daily meditation … Continue reading Softening to Oneness – Weekend Meditation

The End of Suffering Weekend Meditation

Mantra: Karunai Karmana Namah Compassion literally means “to suffer together with,” and is considered among the greatest of virtues. In the Buddhist tradition, suffering is an aspect of the human condition that should be recognized and can then be overcome. Compassion is illuminated in the The Four Noble Truths: 1. All existence is dukkha. “Dukkha”  is … Continue reading The End of Suffering Weekend Meditation

Karmic Reflection Weekend Meditation

    Mantra: Sankalpa Karma is all about witnessing our decisions, observing our choices, and watching what we think, say, and do. When we witness our choices and spend time in the unconditioned aspect of our Being, we make more conscious choices going forward. That’s why ending our guided meditations with a silent meditation is so powerful – because then … Continue reading Karmic Reflection Weekend Meditation

stepping into uncertainty

Stepping into Uncertainty Weekend Meditation

“Il n’est pas certain que tout soit incertain. (Translation: It is not certain that everything is uncertain.)” ―Blaise Pascal Certainty is overrated since there isn’t certainty in anything in life. We try to convince ourselves of certainty by trying to assert control. But, if we can become better friends with the concept of uncertainty, we can move … Continue reading Stepping into Uncertainty Weekend Meditation

Healing the Pain – Weekend Meditation

“If we are going to achieve our purpose in life, we must be willing to fall out of grace and accept its lessons. When we feel righteous about ourselves, or deny our brokenness, we are fighting against the higher states of grace that await us.” –Sobonfu Somé Our natural reaction to pain is to shirk … Continue reading Healing the Pain – Weekend Meditation

open the door to transformation

Open the Door of Transformation – Weekend Meditation

“You are what your deep, driving desire is. As you desire, so is your deed. As your deed is, so is your destiny.”  — Brihadaranyaka Upanishad In Sanscrit “manipura” means the city of jewels; it is your power within, your energy center, and helps drive you toward your deepest desires — transforming the building blocks of … Continue reading Open the Door of Transformation – Weekend Meditation

Receiving Abundance Weekend Meditation

  Abundance is the magnificence of the universe, which is whole, infinite … and everything that flows through it does so with ease. Resting at the core of our very being is abundance, and you can tap into it by opening ourselves — our most genuine self — to the divine flow of the universe.  

Letting Go of a Dream – Weekend Meditation

In dreams we defy the laws of nature – we can do anything and everything without consequences. But what about the dreams you’ve held on to throughout your life? Are you holding onto a dream that is no longer nurturing? If your vision has derailed and what you once thought you’d have, hasn’t materialized, then it’s time to … Continue reading Letting Go of a Dream – Weekend Meditation

healing the past

Healing the Past Weekend Meditation

“All that we are arises from our thoughts, with our thoughts we create the world.” Meditation is that key. Each of us is holding onto something from our past that keeps us awake at night, and is standing in the way of deeper fulfillment or peace of mind. Healing is when we allow the universe’s natural process to gracefully unfold … Continue reading Healing the Past Weekend Meditation

moving through change weekend meditation

Moving Through Change – Weekend Meditation

Everyone gets upset, angry, disappointed, or defeated when life unfolds differently than we anticipated. But how we respond to this non-stop flow of change that sweeps through us each day becomes the fabric of our life! Change can offer us aha! moments, breakthroughs in stuck thinking, acceleration in the direction of our goals, opening of our heart… and … Continue reading Moving Through Change – Weekend Meditation

Awaken Your Spirit Guide Weekend Meditation

Sometimes we all need a little help, a little companionship, to take our life from where we are to where we want to be. It can get lonely with all the distractions and challenges of life. But you’re not alone! Summon one passenger to ride with you — summon your spirit guide, your support system, someone you can call on … Continue reading Awaken Your Spirit Guide Weekend Meditation