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Awakening Our Chakra Energies Guided Meditation

Throughout time, many have meditated using their connection to the energy centers in and outside of the body. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of ways to awaken, harness, release, and connect to your own energy through meditation.

The most popular and most pervasive is the chakra meditation known as chakra tuning or chakra toning. I took my first step into that realm more than 20 years ago, when I stumbled into what I thought was a simple hatha yoga class that turned out to be a two-hour chakra awakening session.

In that class, I learned that according to ancient Vedic wisdom, there are seven major energy centers in the body. These are known as chakras, a term that derives from the Sanskrit word cakram, meaning “turning” or “wheel.”

In this week’s meditation we will activate, open, release, and expand our chakras, by “tuning” them and bringing our awareness to them, envisioning the color of the chakra, connecting to its particular intention, and then repeating the vibration or mantra associated with the chakra. Enjoy!

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