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Living with Less Judgement – Key to the Divine Principle of One

Hello, Spiritual Warrior! Welcome to this week’s edition of The Source!

The one-ness of our existence is evident in every moment. We are not simply part of a collective of BEings. We are the same being. Your breath is my breath, your heartbeat is my heartbeat, your pain is my pain, and your triumphs are mine as well.

With so many people on the planet, it’s often impossible to comprehend that you share the essence of a tribal warrior 10,000 miles away. Or that your soul and the soul of some violent dictator in another country are one. But at your core, you are whole and one with everything in existence and everything that has ever existed.

You are also one with the greatest healers, lovers, activists, and peaceful warriors who have ever lived. You are one with the most magnificent scientists, leaders, and businesspeople, who’ve transformed the world; you are one with the greatest visionaries, artists, and philosophers who have ever walked the planet. Our one-ness is our birthright, the very core of our being, and the divine light that guides us through our personal evolution.

Who Am I?

We try to figure this out every day by making comparisons to better understand who we are. We are in constant judgment mode of everything around us to help figure out our emotions, beliefs, and attitudes. We clarify our world by separating from the one-ness that binds us too closely to things we don’t approve of. When a politician says something that rocks us to our core, we say to ourselves, “That’s not me!” You overhear a conversation between a parent and child, and the tone of the encounter doesn’t sit well with you, so you establish in your heart, “That’s not me!”

We move throughout the day judging and assessing everything inside us and outside us to determine who we are and where we stand on everything from the car we drive, to the toilet paper we use, to the food we eat. We base our belief systems, our diets, our causes, and even our most mundane likes and dislikes from a point of view that we are these individual bags of molecules, sealed in this flesh casing for the span of a lifetime.

In each moment, we bring things closer that feel good or “right” and distance ourselves from that which makes us feel icky or wrong. And because we are continuously individuating ourselves on a physical and emotional level, we have learned to interpret the entire world around us as separate from ourselves. The timeless wisdom of the Divine Principle of One reminds us in every moment that we are merely a reflection of everything we see, hear, touch, taste, smell, feel, and think. We co-create every situation that we celebrate and every scenario that we ridicule. And when we find ourselves judging, criticizing, or condemning someone in our life, it means we have forgotten our foundation of One-ness—we are denying that we share the same essence as the person we disparage.

One of the least understood, yet most powerful, aspects of the Divine Principle of One is the concept of sacred wholeness. This ancient teaching was a hallmark of the unshakeable inclusiveness of Jesus, the unfathomable compassion of the Buddha, and the unwavering nonviolence of Martin Luther King Jr. These sages truly understood the concept of the whole and all its pieces. Jesus fought fear with trust; Buddha fought suffering with love; and Martin Luther King fought injustice with peace. This ancient teaching has been lost on many misguided modern-day activists, politicians, and spiritual teachers, who have regrettably become voices of hate in their quests to advance trust, love, and peace. That’s why it is so critical that you and I embrace the concept of sacred wholeness and live it even more deeply.

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