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Welcome to this week’s edition of The Source! The Divine Principle of One is a natural law of the Universe, and all other laws of physics, math, science, and spirit spring from this defining principle of existence.

There is only One, but there is an infinite amount of its expression in our world—way beyond the nearly 8 billion people who populate the planet. The divine thumbprint of the Universe is embedded in every particle, gust of wind, drop of water, blade of grass, and ray of light. Whatever floats, flies, swims, crawls, sits, walks, or grows is birthed from that one source that began it all.

Right now, the Universe is breathing life through every micron of existence in some form or another. We are magnificent and unique expressions of this divine breath, flowing one-ness in every moment! And, yet, so often we feel disconnected, separate and alone, rarely recognizing the common threads that are woven through every aspect of our realities.

When you look at the world from the viewpoint of your own individuality, it’s easy to see yourself as a meaningless speck in the vastness of existence. It can be difficult to comprehend where we fit in the divine scheme of things often because at some level, we believe that our lives consist of our bodies, our thoughts, and our beliefs.

Yes, you have a body, and you have thoughts. But you are not your body, and you are not your thoughts. You are pure, unbounded light being expressed through your physical body and your thoughts, which then move your body to act in different ways. You are a human being, and as the embodiment of being, your essence is timeless, formless, guided only by Five Divine Principles of timeless, formless, boundless understanding:

  • The Divine Principle of One
  • The Divine Principle of Awareness
  • The Divine Principle of REbirth
  • The Divine Principle of Infinite Flow
  • The Divine Principle of Inner Fire

Awakening to such a cosmic revelation after you’ve been taught that you are simply your body and your thoughts is mind-blowing!!! I get it. But this is how pure, magnificent transformation takes hold. And whether you feel it or not—as all of your old mind-sets, constrictions, and limiting beliefs continue to melt away like veils concealing your divine core—you are powerfully transforming.

As you lie awake in your bed at night, gazing at the ceiling, even if there is another person or animal lying next to you, it’s so easy to feel separate, even lonely. But loneliness and aloneness are two very different concepts. When you are lonely, you are in a prison of sorts, feeling the pain of your separation. You yearn for another being to help you feel whole, another voice to listen to, another face to gaze upon, another body to feel, another person to soothe your aching feeling of estrangement.

When you are truly alone, you are whole – fully integrated into everything, liberated from your need to cling to another, released from any longing, and finally free to experience the ecstasy of your one-ness.

In your wholeness, your Sacred Powers are fully awakened, and you have infinite choices at your fingertips that are not driven by some need to feel completed by another. In a state of true aloneness, joy is reawakened, your sense of divinity is restored, and you feel totally at home in your own skin—and delighted with your circumstance (or, make conscious choices to change it)!!!

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