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Setting the Trajectory of Your Day Weekend Meditation

Happy weekend, Spiritual Warrior!

This weekend, I thought I’d share with you my morning meditation practice. I’ve taught it, lived it and written about it in my book Sacred Powers. It helps me to set the perfect trajectory of my day, and I know that if you practice it, it will have the same impact on your life.

The mantra is om moksha ritam.



Did you love this meditation? Download it to your personal library here!

Experience the Ultimate Rejuvenation
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November 24-December 1 

Wherever you are in your life – you know there’s something deeper resting inside – a magnificent energy… something precious… something powerful … a divine goddess waiting to be birthed.

You have an opportunity to tap into this energy – connect to your native powers – and awaken the life you were truly meant to live!

Fear may have held you back in the past; perhaps you dimmed your light to keep a relationship, a job, or your sanity; maybe you’ve just been playing small or struggling with self-worth…

Maybe you’ve been overwhelmed, procrastinating or simply making excuses for why you can’t thrive, soar, and achieve all you dream & desire.

The dark space you fear to enter holds the precious riches you seek. So let me help you illuminate it. Let me help you shift your path, shatter your limiting beliefs, and awaken your best version.

The time is now! To step out of the shadows, lean in to the direction of your dreams, awaken your native energies, step into your power, and finally own your impact.

In 7 powerful days with me, you will:

  • Gain clarity;
  • Peel away the layers that constrict you;
  • Begin your healing process;
  • Tap into your best version;
  • Learn to connect to your heart;
  • Listen to the whispers of your soul;
  • Regain your confidence;
  • Realize your purpose;
  • Spark your passion; and
  • Begin the journey of returning to your wholeness!!!

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