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Becoming Aware of Present Moments

Nothing is but what is now.
Ron Rash

Dear Spiritual Warrior, welcome to another edition of The Source in which we stop. We breath. We are suddenly becoming aware of present moments.

Today I welcome 30 new teachers-in-training to the Meditation Nest for a week in-residence after months of studying, reading, communing, and meditating.  Their journey began 4 months ago and in that precious time they have learned how powerful recognizing the present moment is. When we pause from our busy lives filled with work, family, relationships, children, co-workers, commuting, mobile phones, email and internet, we can access the present moment wherever we are… whatever we are doing.

Remember 16seconds!!! It’s the core of becoming aware of present moments, and you can do it ANYWHERE at ANYTIME.

The present moment is always within you – always resting at the core of who you are. Just like the space between your thoughts is who you really are, the space between your breaths is another facet of the pure, unbounded consciousness that rests within you.

Try this beautiful re-connection technique as you go about your day and you will notice that your life unfolds with greater grace and greater ease. Whatever you are going through, remember to keep breathing. Love, –davidji

 width=Only 6 More Spots Open for Teacher Training Beginning in June

Students in my Masters of Wisdom & Meditation Teacher Training attend for so many different reasons. And each finds a connection to the teachings and to one another that transcends any explanation. My dream continues to be to work closely with my students and impart this timeless wisdom to you in a loving, caring, experiential, interactive and practical way.

If you are ready for a life-changing experience, I am excited to be your guide and share with you what I have learned from some of the most profound Masters of our time. Each of my teacher trainings is an intimate experience to ensure a deep, powerful connection and a supportive learning environment.

My intention is to flow through a process that is profound, eye-opening, inspirational, and heart-opening — to deeply imbue you with these teachings; help you cultivate a powerful daily practice; and instill you with the confidence to comfortably share these teachings with others.

I offer a convenient monthly payment plan to help you plan your journey, and rooms at the Meditation Nest are available on a first-come-first-serve basis. Let’s journey together starting this June, and transform the world by transforming ourselves!!!

Click here to learn more >>

Did you know that the fourth chakra is your center of compassion?

We review chakras extensively in my Awakening Your Inner Healer Weekend Immersion, which I’ll host in October.

The davidji Signature Jewelry line includes chakra amulets and mantra amulets available in the online store.

The fourth chakra, also called the heart chakra, is known in Sanskrit as the Anahata  (pronounced anna-hatta) chakra. This is your personal connection to love, compassion, empathy, forgiveness, and peace.

The Anahata is located near your physical heart, in the center of your chest. You can place your hands on your heart right now and breathe in and feel the love flowing in and out of you. That’s your Anahata—your true Buddha nature. Traditionally, it is associated with the color green.

The vibration or mantra for the fourth chakra is Yaam . Several Sanskrit scholars have also said the vibration can be pronounced as Yum.

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