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Stepping into Clarity Weekend Meditation

Happy weekend, Spiritual Warrior!!!

This week you’ve noticed, if you follow me on facebook or on Instagram, that I’m at the Meditation Nest in the Sweetspot of the Universe with 30 of my Masters of Wisdom & Meditation Teachers-in-Training. Today is the fifth day of the in-residence portion of my 4-month long certification course.

We’ve been studying the Pancha Mahabhutas, or the Five Master Elements: earth or prithvi; water or jal; fire or agni; air or vayu, and ether or akasha. Each has a specific characteristic and healing properties to offer. During meditation, we can allow the master elements to flow into us to strengthen and awaken the characteristics that come from each element.

When we have each of these elements flowing through us, we are balanced and connected to the divine. It sounds kooky!!! But in my own meditation practice, I have found that connecting to each of the master elements awakens my best version, heals my soul and connects me even more deeply to the divine.

For this weekend meditation, I’m sharing with you a track from my album Journey to Infinity. Track 6 is about stepping into clarity with the element vayu, or air. Air is about movement and flow – the divine circulation of the universe and the flow that exists within each one of us as we channel the divine and express god is through our daily contemplations and interactions.

Purchase the two-volume CD — which I will personally autograph! — for just $20. It retails on Amazon for $40.

Fire is about transformation, metabolism – the crystallization of life – whatever we are moving through, chewing on, or struggling with at any given time. Fire creates the clarity at the end of the tunnel.

Water is about cohesiveness and protection – the sweet vital nectar that remains after fire has burned away the illusions, disturbances and distractions of existence. The nourishment and coming together of each moment.

Earth is about structure, stability, and steadiness – the consistent and reliable characteristics of life. The ground we walk upon and the reliability we seek in each moment.

We are all on a journey through these 5 master elements every day – in every moment, in every interaction, conversation … and I wanted to capture the very essence of the elements in a way that celebrates their healing power paired with spectacular artistry.

So, my Ayurvedic Opera, Journey to Infinity was born from a collaboration with my dear friends and powerful sound healers and musicians, Dean Richards and MJ Vermette, known as SacredFire Music.

 width=These two divine musicians approached Journey to Infinity with an ancient wisdom sensibility and a profound soul connection that sacredly translated my words and evolved them into something more magnificent than I had dreamed.

This summer marks the three-year anniversary of the release of Journey to Infinity, so in celebration you can purchase the two-volume CD from davidji.com — which I will personally autograph! — for just $20. It retails on Amazon for $40.

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Each track carries the intention to infuse you with elemental wisdom through healing music, ancient Sanskrit mantras, and deep guided meditations, and I hope you enjoy.

Peace. -davidji

P.S. Every $1 from sales of the album are donated to a cause close to my heart — rescued pets.


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