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Removing Obstacles Guided Meditation

As we move through the month of December, we celebrate all the teachers, coaches, Masters, gurus, rishis, and guides who have graced the world with light and love.

Some of the most profound messengers of peace, awakening, and truth have graced the planet for thousands of years; and as we have evolved and grown over the years, we have resonated with differing voices and different messages depending on where our paths have journeyed.

Ganesha is one such archetype that has inspired me particularly when I’m faced with an obstacle in my path. He’s powerful enough to remove obstacles and ensure success, or create obstructions for those whose ambition has become destructive.

When you’re setting goals or seeking wisdom as you pursue them—call upon Ganesha as your guide.

Mantra: Om ganpataye namah

Enjoy! Peace. -davidji

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