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Balancing Your Energies Guided Meditation

As we breathe in and out we harmonize our Venus and Mars, we merge our Shiva and Shakti, we embrace our masculine and feminine. The balance that occurs with in us allows us to move in any moment with the right response and spontaneous right though, word or action. Enjoy!

Mantra: Om Shiva-Shakti ritam

4 thoughts on “Balancing Your Energies Guided Meditation”

  1. Beautiful harmonizing meditation; leaving me blissful, relaxed & balanced! It got to the core of my being!
    Thank you so much Davidji!

  2. ✌🏿💓 thank you Davidji .. you know exactly what we need and how we feel .. so human and so Devine ..

  3. Om Shiva Shakti Ritam how sweet and powerful is this mantra and meditation 💗🙏🧘‍♀️Thank you Namaste 🙏

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