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Awakening Forgiveness Weekend Meditation

Mantra: Anandam Deep gratitude for Kari Anapol of, who has selflessly allowed me to showcase her beautiful art to elevate these guided meditations to the next level. Awakening forgiveness should be a gentle process. Especially when emotions are high. Remind yourself that LOVE is the most powerful healing force in the universe. It begins with examining … Continue reading Awakening Forgiveness Weekend Meditation

What Are You Leaving Behind When You Interact with Others?

Hello Beloved Spiritual Warrior!! Welcome to another edition of The Source – the newsletter that translates timeless wisdom into modern practical application. This week, we explore AGNI – (our personal digestive fire) and the two possible outcomes from digestion – Ojas (sweet vital nectar) and Ama (toxic residue). Think of the last meal you had. … Continue reading What Are You Leaving Behind When You Interact with Others?

Forgiveness Weekend Guided Meditation

“He who cannot forgive breaks the bridge over which he himself must pass.” –George Herbert are you ready to forgive? free yourself from the ties that bind you @davidji_com Click To Tweet Mantra: Yogastha Kuru Karmani Happy weekend spiritual warriors! Are you ready to forgive? Let’s free ourselves from the ties that bind us. Each … Continue reading Forgiveness Weekend Guided Meditation

2012 Was a Lesson in Trusting the Universe

2012 has been a wild and kooky year for me – my best friend and mentor left this planet, I left the sweet shelter of the Chopra Center to share the teachings around the world, Secrets of Meditation became a bestseller, Hay House Radio launched LIVE! From the SweetSpot, I hosted my own workshops in … Continue reading 2012 Was a Lesson in Trusting the Universe