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Use Mindfulness Everyday to Show Up as Your Best Version – 5 Minute Wisdom Lesson

Hello Spiritual Warrior! Welcome to this week’s wisdom lesson. This week we are discussing how to use meditation to become the best version of ourselves.

When we look at how to show up as your best version – which looks like us as a fully integrated being – we see that we can break it down into five realms of existence, which I explored pretty deeply in my book destressifying. (If you haven’t read it yet – c’mon!!! what are you waiting for? And if you have, you know what I’m talking about.) But, let’s quickly review. The Five Realms of Existence are:

  • our Physical Realm;
  • our Emotional Realm;
  • our Material Realm;
  • our Relationship Realm;
  • and our Spiritual Realm.

These five touchpoints cover every aspect of our life from our bodies, to our feelings, to our stuff and our finances, to our connections — (which can look like our relationship to self all the way to the relationship we have with our lovers, work-mates, relatives, friends & acquaintances) – our work environment, our community, our purpose, our belief systems, and our connection to Source, God, the Divine Mother, or our higher power.

Our wholeness is the completeness and interconnectedness of all aspects of our self. We are whole when each piece of us has been integrated into the larger “Self” that makes us who we are and from there we are able to ripple out the best version of ourselves. It has a lot to do with self- knowledge, acceptance & love.

Within our journey back to wholeness there is also the powerful possibility of healing past wounds. As a child of 5, 7, or 9 years old, we had to interpret the world and guess how to respond to it. As a teenager, we were forced to make so many critical choices without any experience or insight. We had to trust people and their decisions about us – even while they were choosing poorly for themselves. The disappointments, unmet expectations, heartbreaks, betrayals, stubbed toes and traumas we experienced created hurts, wounds, dents, and scars that fragmented us… left us feeling less-than, wrong, broken or damaged in some way and unable to show up as our best version.


But deep within, resting at our core was that WHOLENESS… that perfection… that brilliance… which became obscured, splintered, and hidden under our makeup, beneath our clothes, behind the walls of our heart. It has been there all along, yet through the pain, trauma, loss, betrayal… we began to lose sight of it.

Fully embracing the divine, the universe, our full healing potential requires that we surrender to the one-ness of existence; allow your self to truly become vulnerable; stop hiding, shielding, blocking and protecting; and finally… let the Universe gently kiss your soul. In that moment, you re-awaken that brilliance… that perfection… your best version.

It’s always been there, but most of us have dumbed it down over the past 20 years. Returning to wholeness means that all the fragmented pieces of your life begin to heal and each of the five realms reintegrate into one “Self”. Your physical body stops struggling and spontaneously rejuvenates; your emotional blockages melt away and confidence replaces fear; your non-nourishing relationships fade into the background and love surrounds you – inside and out; and you begin to trust again – to believe in yourself again and to say YES! to life… just like when you were a child before someone told you to stop dreaming and to be realistic.

So visit this week’s guided meditation & let’s start the practice of turning inward to move towards the best version of ourselves!

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Namaste. -davidji & Peaches the Buddha Princess

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