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Awakening Forgiveness Weekend Meditation

Mantra: Anandam

Deep gratitude for Kari Anapol of, who has selflessly allowed me to showcase her beautiful art to elevate these guided meditations to the next level.

Awakening forgiveness should be a gentle process. Especially when emotions are high. Remind yourself that LOVE is the most powerful healing force in the universe. It begins with examining ourselves, our actions, our words and our physical body. Only then, once we’ve identified the need to forgive ourselves, that we can forgive others. We are all, in fact, human.

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Awakening Your Divine Self cover art“Awakening Forgiveness” is just one powerful meditation on my new album “Awakening Your Divine Self” available soon on iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play, and all major online music stores around the world.

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4 thoughts on “Awakening Forgiveness Weekend Meditation”

  1. Powerful and gentle. Lovely . . . ? I really felt I was forgiven and also forgave myself. Feels so nice . . .? Thank you so much for continuing sharing. Lots of Love to you ?

  2. Being guided in this manner towards foregiveness brings a powerful sense of unconditional love for myself and THAT, is exactly what I needed to receive… Today and for always. Thank you for sharing your profound wisdom ! Namasté.

  3. Thank you Davidji – this is a deeply powerful meditation and process…I sincerely thank you with gratitude for your generosity and wisdom,
    with love

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