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Relieve Anxiety Now: Take a Time-in!

Welcome to this week’s edition to The Source, on how to find your center and relieve anxiety now!

We’ve all heard the term “TIME-OUT!”

It’s part of almost every sport or athletic competition. It’s the ultimate pattern interrupt used to refresh, get clear, plan a new play, stop the momentum that’s building against us, or inflict monkey-mind on your opponent at the free-throw line in basketball, on the pitcher’s mound in baseball, or about to take a penalty shot in soccer. In football, it’s used to “ice the kicker” of a field goal giving him just 30 seconds more to get into his head to ruminate, second-guess, and question his ability to execute an easy kick.

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For decades, the term TIME-OUT has been used to send rambunctious children to their room, penalize them for acting out, or gently punish them for inappropriate behavior. It’s part of the language of our culture. And it’s based on the fact that what’s going on carries a certain flow… a specific energy… a consistent movement… and to break the rhythm of that pattern will create an opportunity for something new, something different… something better to unfold.

davidji & the Boston Buddha, Andy Kelley
Me and Andy Kelley, also known as The Boston Buddha.

Back in 2010, Andy Kelley – also known as The Boston Buddha – shared with me some languaging he was using to teach kids meditation. Aware that almost every child in the room had been “given a TIME-OUT” at some point in their life, he introduced the phrase “Taking a TIME-IN”. He told me that hundreds of kids in his classes were embracing the term because it seemed like the opposite of a TIME-OUT. He is an amazing teacher and a master of languaging, and he suggested I try it with my students.

So, I began using the term with adults – entrepreneurs, athletes, people in the corporate world, members of the military, and even those in law enforcement – and the results were astounding.

Since then, I’ve shared this phrase with tens of thousands of people around the world to take them out of their heads and into their hearts. I even created a CD of guided meditations called “TIME-IN: Meditations for Non-Meditators” that sold-out in less than 24 hours!

relieve your anxiety now Awakening Your Divine Self cover artI re-released the album this year as “Awakening Your Divine Self”. It’s on the Amazon Best-Sellers List after just a few days!!!! It will be available on iTunes soon.

While the physical and emotional benefits of meditation are being confirmed every day by academic studies and scientific research, most people still resist implementing a daily meditation practice, claiming they don’t have the time, it doesn’t work, or that the term meditation conjures all sorts of religious or cult-like connotations that get in the way of their relationship with God. For the most part, this leaves us as a planet of crisis meditators – only succumbing to meditation or prayer when extreme challenges rear their ugly heads.

But everyone likes taking a TIME-IN. It’s empowering. It’s personal. It’s something you really feel you can own. And for some reason, people find comfort in taking a TIME-IN.

For almost 15 years now, I have placed my attention on the languaging of meditation – focusing on the practical, real-world tools, and techniques that help people destressify, connect to the stillness and silence that rests within, and gain clarity in a critical moment of decision-making. And by keeping it REAL instead of theoretical or overly scientific, the davidji Meditation Community has tripled in size, and more of its members are meditating every single day – rather than making excuses why they can’t. Even more powerfully, they are sharing the teachings with their friends, family members, and co-workers. The number of certified Masters of Wisdom & Meditation Teachers around the world has grown to more than 100, my mainstream book “destressifying” became a #1 bestseller on Amazon.com, and LIVE! from the SweetSpot, my weekly radio show on HayHouseRadio.com is experiencing more listeners than ever before. Together, we are making a difference. Together – you and I – are transforming the world as we continue to transform ourselves.

This week, let’s respond to the calling by sharing the power of Taking a TIME-IN with someone you care about. Invite anyone in your life to join you for a 5-minute TIME-IN where you both just sit in silence with your eyes closed simply watching your breath. Tell them that having thoughts is okay. Re-assure them that when they drift away from their breath to thoughts, sounds or physical sensations– to ever so gently drift back to it. Don’t confuse them with mantras or advanced techniques. Just the simple, “let’s close our eyes, take a TIME-IN, and witness our breath for the next five minutes.”

You will be amazed at the results. It will help you jumpstart or re-engage your practice. You will help someone else learn meditation (but don’t call it that); and most importantly – you will experience connecting to stillness and silence with someone you care about. You both will feel a deeper connection!!

Forward this post to as many people as you can think of, and let’s celebrate the beauty of taking a TIME-IN.


Thank you Andy Kelley!! We transform the world by transforming ourselves. See you in the gap!!!!

Peace. -davidji

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