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What Are You Leaving Behind When You Interact with Others?

Hello Beloved Spiritual Warrior!! Welcome to another edition of The Source – the newsletter that translates timeless wisdom into modern practical application. This week, we explore AGNI – (our personal digestive fire) and the two possible outcomes from digestion – Ojas (sweet vital nectar) and Ama (toxic residue).

Think of the last meal you had. Ideally, you ate natural, unprocessed foods in a fully present state. If our physical AGNI is burning brightly, then it cooks, digests and metabolizes all the food we ingest. We then absorb all the nutrients contained therein – and ideally – if everything is working correctly – once we’ve absorbed all the nourishing elements of the meal, we let go of and release what no longer serves us. What’s left over from this meal is the most concentrated form of nourishment – and we call this divine essence Ojas.

Similar to the concept of bees making honey – it can take 20,000 bees per hive to harvest the nectar of a few thousand flowers and distill them into honey. This is a subtle process and we are talking about distilling large items into their most divine essence. If our physical AGNI is not burning brightly, but rather sputtering, like wet leaves on a bonfire, then what’s left behind is not Ojas, but Ama or toxic residue.

The same is true for our emotional AGNI. Think of the last interaction you had with someone – a conversation, an exchange of energy, or a transaction. If your emotional AGNI is burning brightly, then we pay attention to the other person’s words and emotions, we communicate consciously, listen attentively, don’t interrupt, and show up fully present. We maintain eye contact, absorb the sentiment compassionately; don’t think about our next words, patiently let the person finish their sentences, show up defenselessly, don’t check our device, stay established in a heart connection and intellectually distill the big and little pictures.

Then, once all the information has been ingested, absorbed and digested – ideally – IF our emotional AGNI is burning brightly, we close the loop and let go of what emotionally no longer serves us. What’s left behind is emotional Ojas – sweet vital emotional nectar.

If we are hurried, impatient, waiting for someone to stop talking, speaking harshly, not fully present, constantly checking our device, fidgeting, avoiding eye-contact, or disconnected from the other person’s emotions… then, most likely… the result will be Ama – toxic residue – the opposite of Ojas.

Whether or not we leave behind Ojas or Ama is a choice. And in every moment, we truly have a choice of how we want to show up. This week, I encourage you AFTER THE FACT… to ask yourself “What did I just leave behind?” If you’ve left behind Ojas… party on!!!!! Good job!!!! Reinforce it and celebrate!

But, if you’ve left behind Ama, this is the chance to go back; and shift the trajectory… apologize… reconnect… call a time out…. make a better choice… forgive yourself… and commit to Ojas over Ama. Remember… We transform the world by transforming ourselves!! So this week, let’s commit to OJAS!!! Being bold!!! And stepping into our power. Aham brahmasmi baby!!! I am the universe.

Peace. -davidji

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