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Finding Creative Solutions through New Eyes

Hello Spiritual Warriors!! and welcome to another edition of The Source.

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Is there a challenge in your life right now? Struggling with a relationship? The consequences of your actions? A money issue? Uncertainty in your job? Fear over something that may or may not unfold? How to fix a problem?

The great spiritual thinker and teacher, Albert Einstein was known to have said:

“We cannot solve a problem from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

So, the moment you perceive that there is a problem – that is probably your biggest moment of constriction. And then… what we think or do after that can either constrict us further – or expand us beyond the obvious answer to a spontaneous right thought, spontaneous right words, or a spontaneous right action.

But often, we see the problem and our next thought is one of fear, sadness, anxiety, anger, shame, guilt, or denial – and as our thought process gets tighter and tighter and smaller and smaller – the constriction overwhelms us.

But millimeters away, there is a creative solution just sitting there. If we can simply expand our sense of awareness – expand our understanding – go to the space between our thoughts, then answers will begin to unfold.

It all begins with awareness… with letting go… with surrendering to the reality that we don’t always have the best answer in our tiny world of conditioned expectations. And that’s because our perception of the moment is based on a lifetime of conditioning.

Stepping away from this realm takes us to the land of creative solutions – spiritual solutions – where we realize that there is a spontaneous right solution in every moment IF… we can see it through new eyes!

Teacher Training in June
Teacher Training in June

The starting point is to introduce a pattern interrupt – a break in the action – allowing our mind to take a breath. We can train our mind to take this breath by taking a breath ourselves – by stepping away from the situation and connecting to the universal brain. We do this through meditation, by communing with nature, by connecting to someone else, by opening our heart, by feeling gratitude, by forgiving – by doing anything that stops the flow of constricted thoughts and gives us a moment of stillness, silence, one-ness.

This is not the traditional silence of no sound – but a deeper silence that rests deep within. So blasting music and dancing, meditating, exercising, going for a hike, looking into another’s eyes, watching a lighthearted movie, making love, practicing yoga, reaching out to someone you’ve been avoiding, walking in the woods, practicing #16seconds, gazing out at the ocean – anything that will interrupt the conditioned pattern of the way we usually live, think, speak and act – can transport us to the other side of the problem – essentially to another level of consciousness… another level of awareness.

Spirituality is simply the journey we make to our most expanded place – it’s not religion, or dogma, or rules, or limits. It’s our open-ness, our heart center, our trust that this moment is pure and whole and perfect and pure – it’s loving our self and every thing outside of our self. It’s trusting that you have been led to this moment so you can come up with the creative solution!!!!!!

So the next time you find yourself at the bottom of the rabbit hole – despondent, overwhelmed, emotionally shut down, confused, on the verge of tears, or feeling that there is no way out… introduce a pattern interrupt… ANY pattern interrupt that will take you away from the problem, out of your comfort zone, AND into the land of gratitude, love, trust, or peace and once you are there…

Remind yourself:

“Here I am in this sacred, precious present moment”… and then ask yourself: “what am I going to do with it?”

Email me at info@davidji.com with your solutions and let’s raise the vibration together!!!

In the meantime, I’ll see you in the gap!

dji & peaches

Peace. -davidji

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