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Slowing Down the World Around You – Weekend Meditation

Mantra: Akasha Ritam

You have the ability to control the speed and frequency at which life comes at you. Science is now proving that slowing down our brainwaves through destressifying techniques such as starting each day in stillness and silence is possible. By connecting to the present moment – whether through in-the-moment stress-busters or through a daily practice of meditation – our brain gains clarity, creativity, intuition, balance, and resilience. Imagine if every thought, idea, appointment, and interaction appeared to you in slow motion? And then you could choose the best option, and act IN REAL TIME! Making the commitment to meditate every day is your path to that ability.

Want to add this to your meditation library? Download it here. 

davidji masters of meditation and wisdom teacher trainingMeditation Teacher Training Starts Online June 12

My 4-month long meditation teacher training mid-June 2016, and culminates with a week in-residence with me in early October 2016. All classes are LIVE! online interactive webinars.
Classes begin online June 12, 2016
In-residence week October 3-9, 2016
During your time leading up to the final week, you will experience:
  • A one-on-one Skype call with me
  • A live video webinar per month (four total) in which you will interact with your fellow teachers in training
  • Continuous interaction with me
  • Video and audio teachings each week (16 weekly lessons)
  • And an intensive seven-days in-residence at The Meditation Nest in Carlsbad, Calif.
Elevate your meditation practice to a higher and deeper level, and achieve greater knowledge and understanding of the most esteemed masters and their timeless teachings.

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