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Gratitude Weekend Meditation

Mantra: Om Aah Hum

Who is your harshest critic? You are! Voices in our head telling us we can’t do this or that, that we aren’t worthy of friendship, love, happiness. It’s hard enough with all the swirl in our heads, to remember that we are perfect and whole in every way.  In times of self doubt we must ask ourselves: Who is in my front row? 

guided meditations for awakening your divine selfGet this transformative album for your personal library!

My most powerful guided meditation series is now available through all major online marketplaces!! Many years ago I created a CD of guided meditations called “TIME-IN: Meditations for Non-Meditators” that sold out in less than 24 hours!

This year, I re-released the album with brand new meditations and called it “Guided Meditations for Awakening Your Divine Self.” This album will begin to awaken all aspects of yourself that have become barriers to inner peace, fulfillment and happiness. RIGHT NOW. Today. In this breath. You are entitled to happiness.

In just a few days,“Guided Meditations for Awakening Your Divine Self” made it to the Amazon Best-Seller List topping the charts at No. 2!!!! It released on iTunes 7/19/2016 and we’re watching it climb the charts.

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Album Tracks

1. Awakening Acceptance 16:27
2. Awakening Forgiveness 22:46  >> LISTEN TO A SAMPLE
3. Awakening Gratitude 16:45
4. Awakening Compassion 14:57  >> LISTEN TO A SAMPLE
5. Awakening the Divine 19:26
6. Awakening Abundance 16:53
7. Awakening Love 16:53
8. Awakening the Master Elements 20:30
9. Awakening the Sacred 15:33
10. Awakening Your Cosmic Heart 16:53
11. Awakening Your Inner Healer 16:24
12. Awakening Your Passion 21:05

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