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You Are SO Worthy, Stop Second Guessing Yourself! – 5 Minute Motivation

Hello Spiritual Warrior, this week we're exploring worthiness. Do you feel worthy? Let me remind you just how pure, whole and perfect you really are.

There are three basic directions that love can flow and three basic questions we can ask in every moment to determine how worthy we feel or how awakened our heart is, they are:

  • Love of self—“In this moment, do I genuinely love myself?”
  • Love of another—“In this moment, how am I expressing my love to someone else?”
  • The ability to receive love—“In this moment, am I worthy of love?”

The Sacred Power of Your Awakened Heart holds the key to your self-worth, you awakened heart allows you to not only express love to another, but it also allows you to celebrate yourself. Your ability to see yourself in the hearts of others and hold another person’s heart in your own all begins with a solid foundation of how worthy you feel of receiving your own love.

When your heart is truly “awakened,” it is the most powerful, expansive, and transformational aspect of your being. In this divine state of bodhicitta, you can effortlessly give and receive love, flow gratitude, step beyond fear, awaken your purpose, and experience joy in each moment… feeling completely worthy to receive it ALL! 

worthyWhen storm clouds seem to overtake your emotions; when you find yourself feeling shame, jealousy, self-doubt, inadequacy, or loneliness; when the shield of pride you constantly hold up to protect yourself has become too heavy, your awakened heart is there to comfort and heal you.

Those moments of anger, arrogance, judgment, and condescension, where you brandish a sword of self-importance to demonstrate your strength, power, or confidence, your awakened heart knows this is simply a defensive ploy to attack the world and distract yourself from the tender hurt oozing from the center of your heart-puddle.

Your awakened heart knows all, sees all, feels all, and is capable of healing all the pain and suffering that rests inside you. And in its boundless wisdom, your awakened heart can deliver an ever-expanding wholeness to your every thought, word, and action.

The pathway to this higher state of existence is through living each moment from that sacred space of love to be divinely guided to fulfill your heart’s desires, summon the courage to take your life to the next level, and discover your meaning in life.

This week, be gentle with yourself, love yourself, forgive yourself, TRUST yourself, and remember just how worthy you are. 

You’re beautiful, you’re doing a great job, and I love you! 

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Namaste. -davidji & Peaches the Buddha Princess

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