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Attitude is a CHOICE! Use Emotional Intelligence to Shift Your Perspective

Hello Spiritual Warrior! Let’s dive in to this week’s life tool… 

This week we are exploring EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE & how you can choose your attitude. 

Peaches the Buddha Princess teaches that if you resist nothing you will receive unconditional love. What that really means in our real lives today is that if we just show up, put our very best foot forward, hold our palms out instead of raising our fists, then the energy of the Universe will flow through us in positive, constructive ways.

I’ve written before about the idea  that emotions are subjective, conscious experiences that link our interpretation of a given moment to a biological reaction creating a particular mental state. For example, have you ever yelled at someone when you’ve had a bad day over something that had nothing to do with them?

Psychologists refer to this mis-direction as “emotional leakage.” When you suppress emotions, you’re likely to express them inadvertently in other avenues by being snide, sarcastic, snarky, retaliatory, biting, harsh, or downright mean to people who had nothing to do with your initial frustration. 

Suppressing our feelings is now scientifically proven to lead to poor memory, relationship challenges, and deeper health issues as our body is influenced so strongly by our subjective conscious experiences.

We can rise above the constriction by heightening our emotional intelligence, known as EI in many leadership, psychology, and philosophy circles. 

EI is essentially our ability to “own” these four capabilities:

1. Correctly perceive emotions
2. Allow emotions to assist our thought process
3. Accept the emotions that do come up
4. Effectively adjust emotions to promote personal development and growth

If you don’t know how you feel or why you feel a certain way, you will experience emotional overwhelm or confusion and won’t be able to communicate effectively, meet your needs, or resolve disagreements. But if we master our emotional intelligence, you will flow with less stress, more grace, and greater ease. And, the more successful we are at heightening these core skill sets, the happier and more fulfilled we will be!

Let’s begin this process with this week’s meditation. As you continue to meditate everyday (maybe even twice per day) you will begin to feel a transformation inside of you… your attitude will change, your perspective will shift, and you will have greater emotional intelligence! 

Your attitude is a CHOICE! Meditation can help you change your perspective & improve your emotional intelligence.

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Namaste. -davidji & Peaches the Buddha Princess

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