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Release Fear & Say Yes to Life – 15 Minute Guided Meditation

Welcome to this week’s guided meditation! This week we will be exploring how to release fear and say yes to life.

Why do you fear? Because you do not trust. Fear obscures the opportunity that sits right before us. Fear colors every thought that has the potential to sprout into magnificence, so allowing ourselves to release fear is the first step to total transformation. As the Buddha said, “All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we create our world.”

We are more capable and blessed than we give ourselves credit for – and when we surrender to fear it is because we don’t trust. We don’t trust in the divine… we don’t trust our choices… and we don’t trust ourselves to make right decisions. When we release fear, we are also able to release the self-doubt that comes with it.
From a place of stillness & silence, together we will examine and release the fears that are holding us back from living life at full speed. When we are too afraid to risk loving another, taking a chance on our deepest driving desires, or following a dream, are we truly living? Or just existing? By the end of this meditation, you will be ready to say “YES!” to life and move through the world with a fresh perspective.

Today’s mantra is: Om Moksha Namah

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Namaste. -davidji & Peaches the Buddha Princess
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