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Soul Connection Weekend Meditation

Happy weekend, Spiritual Warrior!!! This week’s meditation is a special sneak peak into my new guided meditation album “Healing Your Soul.” It releases on May 1 on iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play, and other major online music marketplaces.

We are the masters of each moment. We can shift the direction of energy moving through us, release our grip of attachment. We can reach for new expressions to hold onto, and we can open our hearts to soothing and let go of darkness. We have the power to heal and to repair.

Surrender to the power of our own healing: the power of the word, the power of our thoughts, of the meaning we’ve given to things, the power they have over us and the power we have over them.

If we can connect and know at our core level that we are indeed worthy, and brilliant, and intuitive, and deserving of love & happiness, then we can connect to the part of us that can soothe, nourish, and heal our wounds – our emotional ones and then our physical ones. There is a beautiful phrase in Sanskrit – yata pinde tat brahmande – which essentially means, “as is the cosmic body, so is the personal body; as is the cosmic mind, so is the personal mind.”

“Soul Connection” is the final track of Healing Your Soul and the culmination of a journey to becoming happier, stepping into your power and taking the reins so you can be the writer, the main character, and the director of your life.

peace. -davidji

5 thoughts on “Soul Connection Weekend Meditation”

  1. Ohhh how I wish to follow wherever you ll be giving meditations..but I can never afford them .though I’m still so grateful for being able to listen to you..namasste

  2. Davidji!!! I’m so glad God placed you on my path. I can’t tell you how much your meditations and insight sharing means to me. All so wonderful helps soothe and fills my heart with peace and helps me connect with my cosmic soul. You bring
    Knowledge, comfort and joy.
    Much gratitude.

  3. As always, I love to listen to your guided meditations as they put me in such a peaceful place. Thank you and Namaste, davidji.

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