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The Sacred Power of Trust

Welcome to this week’s edition of The Source in which we explore the concept of surrender and the Sacred Power of Trust.

You are already connected to everything you could ever desire or need right now – but you must trust to receive them. What’s trust?

The breath you’re taking right now, the next thought that drifts into your awareness, your body’s constant questing for balance, the trillions of vibrations rippling through every aspect of your being, listening to the tender feelings in your heart, the sensations in your flesh, energy flowing through your mind & heart, the digestion of your physical & emotional experiences, & your ability to transform this moment into the next.

Trust is a Sacred Power; it requires no convincing. Trust is a firm belief that whatever is flowing through you, flows through everything… that you are indeed the same stardust that has rippled through the cosmos for billions of years… that you are this magnificent expression of the divine. Trust is embedded. You can’t think your way into trust… you can’t intellectualize it… trust ripens at your very core.

Trust is an invitation

In every moment that you trust, you are inviting the magnificence of the Universe into your life with unwavering confidence. And when you waver… when you lose faith in that invitation, it’s not as if you have suddenly found someone else to invite. You haven’t rested your trust in some other magnificence or some other divine principle. No.

In that moment of wavering, you question inviting anyone or anything into your life. When you stop trusting, you suddenly lose confidence in your decision. You mistakenly believe that you know better than the universe, and you begin distancing yourself from your understanding of the Divine Principle of Infinite Flow. You selectively turn your back on the laws of the universe… on everything you know to be true. It’s like suddenly being skeptical that gravity will hold you down or that electricity will work when you flick on the light.

When you stop trusting, you suspend reality, disconnect from the effortless support of the Universe and inexplicably choose to proceed with no divine support. As Dr. Wayne Dyer, is known to have said, “You let your EGO take over; you Edge God Out”.

Trust is when you are fully aligned with the Universe in thought, breath, word, and deed. When you are in that alignment, you allow the magnificence inside of you to shine and you effortlessly step out of the way. It’s as if the Universe is guiding you… holding your hand and walking right beside you. Those are the moments of spontaneous right speech, where every word you say fits perfectly into the moment and accomplishes your short term, long term and other peoples goals simultaneously. Clarity unfolds perfectly. Sometimes we call this “being in the zone” or having a “win-win” experience. In this moment of pure present moment awareness, every intention you have, every choice you make, every action you take… fits into the situation perfectly. It feels really good AND it serves the Universe.

As long as we stay open & trusting, everything that’s meant to move through us, comes in effortlessly –nourishes us, and we let go of what doesn’t serve us. Open-ness is the key. And as long as the conduit is wide open, the whole process is effortless & fluid. But the moment we begin to put up barriers, get defensive, or question whether we should receive the flow, *BOOM*… the flow narrows or stops altogether… and the trust is broken.

This week, let’s commit ourselves to surrendering to the Sacred Power of Trust and let the Universe take the wheel.

peace. – davidji

14 thoughts on “The Sacred Power of Trust”

  1. Thank you so much for all that you do and for providing your weekly gifts of thoughts and meditations. They have truly guided me and continue to inspire me, Namastre, Cheri

  2. The gospel according to Davidji💜 Powerful Thought Provoking True.
    Love Love Love

  3. Thank you for your inspired words. I love the comparison that lack of trust is the equivalent of “being skeptical that gravity will hold you down or that electricity will work when you flick on the light”. I’ll remember this image when doubt arises and reach within to flip on the “light switch”. Namaste

  4. I like control (which itself is an illusion) so I do not trust the Universe to support me, although it does all the time. I am now working on building and believing with all my heart and soul that the Universe has my back. Once I do, I believe my suffering will ease.

  5. I was a bit unsettled reading this… I trust in the ways that I am led, yet not so trusting in some of those that I have met on my journey….thoughts?

  6. Thank you we can never be reminded enough times I trust I trust I trust. Namaste 🙏❤️

  7. Ah, I needed to hear that this morning. It is a helpful reminder and as a person that is sometimes guided by fear and self doubt, I needed to hear this right now. Thank you!

  8. Thank you, David…I struggle with trust everyday…I needed to read this and am saving this…Jeanne

  9. Wow I truly needed this post right now. I am 61 years young very healthy and full of spirit. I have turned up my faith and trust . This Divine path of faith and trust has had lots of turns but in continuing to trust and have faith I have found my way to forming a team of divine helpers and receiving messages everyday that are helping me to move forward with love and grace trusting my Divine path .

  10. Wow that is so inspiring and so true! Thank you for your continuous effort in pointing out what’s real life about. Love Nicola

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