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‘What Inspires You?’ Weekend Meditation

Happy Weekend, Spiritual Warrior!!!

Sometimes we find ourselves in a rut… stagnant… not unhappy, but not happy. Our weekend meditation focuses on what inspires us…. on the center of our passion: our manipura chakra and our anahata chakra. Each has it’s own special vibration:

Manipura vibration is ram
Anahata vibration is yum or yam

What inspires you? What sparks your passion? What holds your stars apart and your universe together? This is the time to dream BIG!!! We’re not holding back… we’re not playing small… throw caution to the wind!!!

This week, let’s focus on awakening our passion… awakening that which might have been dormant, or that which might have been struggling to break through into the light.

This is your time… this is your now… this is your moment.

Mantra: Ram yam dhri

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5 thoughts on “‘What Inspires You?’ Weekend Meditation”

  1. Your continued creativity – a new beautiful meditation every single week! This gives me hope; one day I’ll find my path.
    And provides a warm smile, always.

  2. Thank u so much davidji! U helped lighten up a low mood, I did the silent portion 3 times.

  3. That was just what I needed today dear teacher!!! As always you inspire me to become a more Whole, Light-filled and Inspired person. Much Love ❤️

  4. I was feeling very despondent and low before I started this meditation. I have lived with Primary Progressive MS for almost 10 years and occasionally I feel as if I’m loosing my way, as if I have no purpose in life, as if I’m trapped. Having listened to this meditation I feel as if something in me is trying to get out and help me along my journey. I struggled a little to see the yellow and green light , they were there but not really very bright. I am going to try and practice this everyday for the next week and see how I get on.
    Thank you so much David jii for these wonderful meditation Namaste 🙏🏻

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