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Reflection Weekend Meditation

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Mantra: Moksha

This week, I’ve been in Chicago working with the Blue Courage team for three days of BCAT (Blue Courage Awareness Training! I have so much gratitude for the thousands of magnificent cops who’ve re-connected to their dharma of service, nobility, honor, & guardianship!!! Spending the week with men & women in blue from Washington, Idaho, Missouri, California, Texas, DC, Michigan, New York, Massachusetts, Illinois, Virginia – all living from the heart, with the sole mission in life to raise the vibration & help others be their best version, really encourages reflection of our own lives & how we impact the world.

So, I’ve resurrected a poignant guided meditation from the archives to encourage reflection this week. I encourage you to let any date references in the meditation drift out of your attention, and instead focus on the message.

Reflection is a powerful tool, especially when either the past or the future is overwhelming us. Reflection allows us to see where we’ve come from, and if we can look at our lives and see the choices we’ve made, the experiences that have shaped us, the people who have influenced us — they have all led us to this sacred moment. Reflection allows us to examine our most inner selves, and reflection through meditation allows us to dive even deeper into who we really are and who we really want to be. Remember that reflection isn’t about passing judgement, it’s about making more conscious choices right now and in the future.

Dive deep with me into the 5 Realms this November!
Dive deep with me into the 5 Realms this November!

Reflection is a primary topic of my upcoming retreat in November. We will spend 7 days together, fully immersed in exploring the Five Realms of our lives and deeply reflecting on our past, our choices, and the people in our lives — all of these elements have molded us into the people we are today. This retreat is all-inclusive (except for travel), and we will dwell in private beach casitas, attend daily transformational sessions, practice daily meditation & yoga, and participate in exclusive group activities and powerful personal transformation. In this one-of-a-kind experience you will:

  • Finally, learn to connect to the stillness & silence that rests within
  • Explore the ruins & walk in the footsteps of the ancient Mayans
  • Discover Ayurveda – the 5000-year-old healing system & learn the key to your balance
  • Swim in the warm, azure waters on the Mexican Riviera
  • Release emotional toxicity in a gentle, safe environment
  • Journey through the Five Realms of your life & learn to manifest your dreams
  • Luxuriate in ancient Mayan massage therapies
  • Meditate, practice yoga, walk the labyrinth, & dine on local fresh, nourishing meals

Learn more about the specific accommodations and other retreat details here. You can also email our reservation specialist at — she is available to answer any and all of your questions. I’m looking forward to communing on the serene beaches of the Mexican Riviera with you!

peace. -d

13 thoughts on “Reflection Weekend Meditation”

  1. I totally enjoyed the Reflections meditation. I simply answered the questions in today’s time. They made me go deeper into questioning everything. As always, I LOVED the meditation.

  2. At first I found the dates distracting but the I just substituted them to the current time. ☺
    As always a beautiful meditaion that I’m sure we can all resonate with.
    Thank you Davidji for all the work you do and still find time to embrace your Spiritual Warriors! ?

  3. I LOVED this meditation – probably one of my most favorites yet. After it was over, I wrote down the questions to ask myself and I will do it again after having more time to ponder. It is very clear that “who we become’ is based upon who we are now. If we do the same things we have been doing in the past, we will be the same in the future. I just had a Big Birthday and the future is going to be awesome and not a repeat of old patterns. Thanks!

  4. Thank you Davidji my 7 year old daughter Brooke and I enjoyed the meditation with our rescued fur babies dogs Abby & Angel Cake and new kitten Fluffy! I can’t wait to hear about your travels and work with Blue Courage this week on live from the sweet spot show! I love that program and have set the intention on working with you on a program for children and parents in the hospitals. like your Blue Courage ProgramI’m looking so forward to spending time with you and Peaches in the sweet spot in October! Love, Blessings, Light ?????????

  5. I didn’t read the blog before hearing the date(s) references. I’m just so happy to connect with myself, my universe and hear David’s sweet voice… made no difference to me. Thank you David for your work with law enforcement and in my own little bedroom in downstate Illinois this am. The meditation is not bound by time to me. It simply made me take note of where I am and what/who will make it easier for me to stay in the moment move forward one tiny “gap” at a time. Much gratitude.

  6. I loved it!! ? All you had to do is substitute whatever year works for you. Therein lies the challenge of an open mind ???

  7. davidji, thank you for coming to Chicago and working with the CPD. I lived in Chicago almost all my life, currently live in the suburbs. It’s heartbreaking to hear the news each night and hear about the many daily victims of violence, on both sides. You did good, my friend. As for this meditation, I read your blog before starting, so my mind just stuck in the phrase, “in the past year” instead. Didn’t mess up the moment for me at all.

  8. Hi Lori, we’re so sorry this meditation didn’t resonate with you. as davidji notes in his blog, he’s been immersed with the Blue Courage law enforcement awareness training program working with police officers from all over the country, so he was unable to record this week’s meditation. Thank you for your patience and grace. Peace, Somyr Perry of davidji inc.

  9. Hi Laurie, as davidji notes in his blog, he’s been traveling this week working with the Blue Courage law enforcement awareness training program, so he was unable to record this week’s meditation. Thank you for your patience and grace. Peace, Somyr Perry of davidji inc.

  10. The reflection meditation was lovely but a little distracting with specific date references (2013, what will you do starting January 2104); perhaps this can be re-recorded with generic references (the last 12 months, the coming 12 months)

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