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Are you limiting yourself and you don’t even know it?

Hello spiritual warriors!! Let’s get ready to let go of limiting beliefs and poverty consciousness, and bring more abundance into our lives.

When we plant seeds that come from a poverty consciousness, a lack mentality, or a constricted viewpoint then our whole physiology and emotional energy reflects our limiting beliefs.

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It’s easier to see it in others than in ourselves. Sometimes we are too close to the situation or caught up in years of conditioning and we don’t realize WE are the constriction. When our attention is on the “what ifs” of life rather than the bigger picture, our thinking becomes petty; our view becomes narrowed; and we start to “play small.”

Let’s take a few moments to begin the process of welcoming abundance. Start by witnessing your breath. Feel it flow into your nostrils… move into your throat… and then as your lungs fill with air.

Hold this breath in for a few moments and then let go.

Now, as you slowly inhale again, think of all the things in your life that limit you (you may think it’s a person but rather than making it a person’s name, think of it as your current relationship with that person or something one of you is holding onto).

And, it’s important to remember that the things in your life that limit you are all self-imposed, all self-created, all self-directed.

We can choose where we place our attention in our world – people, jobs, conversations, money, relatives, relationships — these are all forms of energy. We move our energy, our attention, our awareness to these things and they blossom and bloom – they get larger, consuming, and omnipresent until they weave themselves into every fiber of your being.

When you don’t open yourself to more possibilities in every moment, there is a constriction, fear, lack, thoughts of not enough. Not seeing all that life has to offer in each moment narrows our view until we can only see what we already know – we need to move beyond our blind spots into expanded awareness.

If we look to our most genuine Self – the self that rests beneath all of this, we know that we are pure and perfect and whole and full – yes…we are abundant. So where does the confusion come in? Why do we sometimes feel a lack inside when we are actually so full at our core? Why would we feel we are less than, when we have so much to be grateful for?

Right now think of just three things you are grateful for. It can be as innocent as a relationship, a smile, a health-related issue, something that occurred that you requested, something that happened and took you by surprise, a conversation, a hug, the result of your hard work, or the result of you surrendering…

Email me at info@davidji.com … right now!… those three things you are grateful for. Begin the process of owning your impact on yourself. I can’t wait to read your thoughts of gratitude.


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Aham brahmasmi baby. Let’s keep that going. Let’s keep it flowing. I’ll see you in the gap! Peace. -davidji

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