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Quieting the Fluctuations of the Mind

Welcome to another edition of The Source!

During my walk on he beach this morning, the ocean was a magnificent dichotomy of turbulence and stillness. A perfect metaphor for how our minds work, and how a daily meditation practice affects them.

If you haven’t yet dove into beginning a daily meditation practice, or if you’re a crisis meditator like millions of others, now’s the time to commit!!! Join my movement — the 30-minute Commitment with davidji, and lock in a daily meditation practice. Thousands of people have already joined, and they’re posting their commitments to take their lives to the next level.

You can join the 30-minute Commitment Facebook Community by clicking here.

It doesn’t have to painful… get back to basics. The simple, yet powerful, technique I have taught people for more than a decade is RPM. Rise. Pee. Meditate.

It sounds simple. Yet that simple ritual has allowed me and of thousands of meditators to never miss a morning meditation. EVER!

Here’s how it works. Each of us begins our day looking at the clock. Then we flow into 8 to 15 morning ablution rituals – and we do them all in the same order…the same way…every day. We pee, poop, shower, brush our teeth, cook food, make a liquid, watch TV, read a newspaper, check emails, visit our favorite online site, walk the dog, prepare our children for the day, have sex, do our hair, put on makeup, and get dressed. Our Monday through Friday ritual usually differs from our weekend ritual. But simply having the awareness of the flow of our morning ablution ritual will jumpstart this process.

So close your eyes right now and walk yourself through your typical morning ritual and become aware of how your day flows. Pretty cool right?

Now if you can push RPM to the very front of your morning ritual train, within 15 minutes of you opening your eyes, you will have a solid half hour of stillness and silence that will greet every moment throughout your day. You can make this even easier by using “beditation”. You can crawl back into bed and meditate there. You do not have to have a rigid spine or hand mudras to start your meditation practice. Comfort is queen for beginners, and what is more comfortable than a warm bed? It is a great way to lock down a morning practice. Then another 15 minutes of stillness and silence in the afternoon will give you a boost of clarity and rejuvenation to finish your day strong!!!

peace. -davidji

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