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Setting Powerful Intentions to Manifest Your New Beginning 15-Minute Guided Meditation

Welcome to this week’s free guided meditation on setting intentions to manifest your new beginning!

This meditation focuses on setting intentions for the new year, tomorrow, two years from now… whatever feels right to you. 

A common misunderstanding about setting intentions is that the more targets we aim at, the higher the likelihood that our arrow will hit the mark… but this couldn’t be further from the truth. The Divine Principle of Awareness teaches us to aim at one target at a time.

If we are looking for real transformation, we need to embrace the concept of single-pointedness when setting intentions. Set one intention at a time… plant one seed at a time. 

If your seed is right about to nestle into the stillness of your heart and soul, and you interrupt that process by bringing in another seed, and then another, and then another, the stillness vanishes in the swirl of activity.

Your nourishing becomes diluted, the garden becomes crowded, and most likely, the seed will not grow. That is the power of single-pointed intention.

If we are truly going to manifest transformation in our life, we should focus on only one intention at a time.

One seed . . . one garden . . . one moment—all leading up to effortless growth.

That’s why patience is so critical to the process of manifesting. It takes time for that seed of intention to germinate, blossom and bloom. 

Seeds take time to grow – and they require nourishment – and if your attention is off planting other seeds, then the original one you planted will wither from neglect, and your intention will not be able to flourish. 

Remember: You and I are earthbound, time-bound personal expressions of the Divine—individual unfoldings of the magnificent, infinite Universe, which is eternal—never born and never died.

So, realistically, our most perfect intention should be to flow the Divine with every thought, breath, word, and action. But being sealed in this human body for the span of a lifetime makes it more challenging, confusing, and complicated.

We get caught up in our humanness. We often think small, trying to make stuff happen in a given moment because we mistakenly believe it will bring us happiness or fulfillment. We set our sights on finding the perfect partner when we don’t even love ourselves unconditionally. We desire the wealth we observe around us, when we ourselves don’t fully practice abundance consciousness. We try so hard to make other people shift their beliefs, when we aren’t fully conscious of our own.

The world around us is moving at light speed, and most of us are just trying to hold on, keep up, and do our best. And this is why the Five Divine Principles have not been embraced more broadly in our world.

Most people are simply too distracted by life’s twists and turns to place their attention on what really matters to them. Once you adopt these teachings as your framework, you begin to truly live every moment with deeper fulfillment. You begin to make conscious choices to help you get out of your own way, let go of self-doubt, release limiting beliefs, and allow your self-created barriers to fall away.

From that place of understanding, you can easily channel whatever we were meant to flow and manifest your new beginning. 

It’s really that simple. Let’s start setting intentions right now with this week’s guided meditation. 

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Namaste. -davidji & Peaches the Buddha Princess



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