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What To Do When You’re Feeling Stuck… 4 Steps to Greater Clarity

Hello Spiritual Warrior! Welcome to this week’s Life Tools! This week we will explore feeling stuck in life, and I’ll share a few quick tips about gaining more clarity about your next steps. 

Sometimes we feel as if we’ll always be trapped. As if the place we find ourselves in feels like quicksand. But really, this feeling of being stuck is merely a pause… a rest… before we launch into our dreams, into where we want to be!! Keep reading and watch the video for more tips on what to do when you’re feeling stuck.

Think of everything in your life that you’ve been worried about.. or somewhere you’re feeling stuck in your life.

feeling stuckHow about that conversation you recently had with a close friend of yours? Maybe you’ve been obsessing over what someone else is thinking. How about the internal conversations you’ve been having with yourself about your health, your aging, your love life, your relatives, your money, your career path?

What aspects of those issues has your attention been focused on? Successes or failures? Satisfaction or fear? Self-reflection or rumination? And how much has your attention been on these issues?

Let’s cut to the core right now and explore your current state of attention.

In the space below, write down the three biggest challenges, fears, or concerns that have been consuming your attention over the past few days… three places where you feel stuck the most. Next to each issue, write down what you perceive as the most likely outcome of each situation:

Where My Attention Is Right Now? An Exercise for When You Are Feeling Stuck or Confused: 




It all comes down to attention. Wherever your attention is, you’re giving power and energy—consciously or unconsciously—to the outcome you anticipate.

If you fear the outcome, it prevents your natural ability of intention to unfold. If you are working toward the outcome, you are in the process of manifesting the outcome. When we expand our thinking and allow more possibilities to enter into our awareness – even just a little bit – our Sacred Power of Attention will begin to provide solutions.

So now write down the same three biggest challenges, fears, or concerns that have been consuming your attention over the past few days.

Except this time, instead of writing down the most likely outcome, write down what you believe to be the best possible outcome—the one that would be a great solution to the challenge, transcend your fear, or ease your concerns. 

An outcome that would replace any anxiety you have with relief, satisfaction, and happiness.



Using the Power of Attention is like shining a flashlight in the darkness. Wherever we point its beam instantly becomes the reality of the moment.

Do you notice the difference in how you feel when your attention is on the best possible outcome rather than a feared outcome?

The skeptic in you might say, “Well, of course I feel better when I think about the best thing that could happen.”

But that’s the whole purpose of this process, to help you realize that it’s always a choice of where we want to place our attention. Sometimes when we get so familiar with the possibility of a negative outcome, we start expecting it, believing that it’s the only outcome—and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

But outcomes are in the future, and the future is never carved in stone. At best it’s a guess of what we believe is likely to unfold.

Let’s do the exercise just one more time, but this time, next to your three biggest challenges, fears, or concerns that have been consuming your attention over the past few days, write down a third possible outcome.

Not your most likely outcome, or the best possible one, but an outcome that could unfold that you’d never thought of before.



Now you have three different outcomes for each pressing issue: the expected outcome, your best possible outcome, and your 3rd possible outcome.

As you reflect on each issue, or each area where you are feeling stuck, there even may be additional outcomes that have come to mind.

Now, place your hand on your heart, and for each issue, ask yourself, “Which outcome do I truly desire?” Not “Which one do I expect?” but “Which outcome does my heart truly long for?”

As the answers flow, write the desired outcomes below:



This is a pretty simple, yet fairly powerful process.

It can be intense to look at your life and start moving it in the direction of your dreams. But, where you once were stuck or resigned to a particular outcome – you now can see other possibilities.

Remember: we have very little control over the outcomes that unfold in our life. We can influence them, spark them, direct them – but in the end the Universe decides.

We do, however, have total control over our outlook.

And, what we have just done through this exercise is expand our outlook! This is hard work. But you are cultivating your awareness at a very high level and this is where intention comes into play.

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Namaste. -davidji & Peaches the Buddha Princess

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