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Sneak Peak into My New Book through the Sacred Power of Trust

Hello, Spiritual Warrior! Welcome to this week’s edition of The Source in which we explore trust, one of the Sacred Powers from my upcoming book Sacred Powers: The Five Secrets to Awakening Transformation.

I’ve shared the manuscript with several spiritual masters of our time and here are some of the comments they shared:

davidji is a way-finder and mystic who has a most extraordinary grip on the truths that transcend both the objective and subjective worlds. He is one of the pioneers of our time into all things body, mind, and spirit. He is both an inspiration and a confidante, a guiding light and sounding board, and I’m eager to introduce his life’s work to a broader audience at this exciting time of our race’s conscious evolution. As you feel his energy through his words, you too will know you’ve found a friend. Truth is neither complicated nor fleeting, to the contrary it is simple and eternal – welcome home.

–Mike Dooley, New York Times bestselling author of Infinite Possibilities and Leveraging the Universe

Get ready to live the life you were meant to be living! Sacred Powers will amplify your heart, energy and destiny. This is the real deal filled with ancient wisdom modernized and powerful, directional moves to help you reach your full potential along with elevated states of consciousness.

–Suze Yalof Schwartz, founder & CEO of Unplug Meditation

davidji has tapped into the secret of slipping into the stillness, where all things become crystal clear, and possibilities are limitless. Sacred Powers will resonate with anyone who finds themselves occasionally overwhelmed by daily challenges, with the nagging certainty that there “must be something more.”

–James Van Praagh, New York Times best-selling author of Wisdom from Your Spirit Guides: A Handbook to Contact Your Soul’s Greatest Teachers

Bright light, fully alive, wide awake, and overflowing with passion – these are just a few of the phrases I’d use to describe davidji and in his new book, Sacred Powers, you’ll learn exactly what you need to do to emulate these beautiful qualities. You’d be hard pressed to find a better guide for a life-changing, transformational journey.

–Cheryl Richardson ~ New York Times bestselling author of Take Time for Your Life

 width=The divine principles of the Universe will never change. They predate the Bible, the Torah, the Tao, the Rig Veda, and all of mankind. They existed from the very beginning. And for 10,000 years, they were woven into every indigenous culture on the planet through sacred teachings whispered directly into the hearts of priests, shamans, wizards, medicine women, and healers who led their ancient societies.

But you don’t need to be a mystic, a clairvoyant, or a guru to understand these divine principles. They are invisibly woven into every aspect of your existence. You will awaken each one of them in your life as we journey together.

For thousands of years, spiritual seekers have unveiled the Five Divine Secrets of personal transformation by navigating five life-affirming paths as they travel along their journey:

  • The Divine Path of One
  • The Divine Path of Awareness
  • The Divine Path of REbirth
  • The Divine Path of Infinite Flow
  • The Divine Path of Inner Fire

Each divine path offers its own unique doorway to a treasure trove of Sacred Powers that – once awakened – will help you move beyond whatever blocks your way, unfold transformation in all areas of your life, and cultivate your ability to manifest your dreams & desires.

Journeying along the Divine Path of One awakens your Sacred Powers of Presence, Your Ripple, and Spirit. Walking the Divine Path of Awareness awakens your Sacred Powers of Attention, Intention, and Action. Traveling the Divine Path of REbirth awakens your Sacred Powers of Acceptance, Release, and New Beginnings. Stepping on to the Divine Path of Infinite Flow awakens your Sacred Powers of Trust, Abundance, and Shakti. And, exploring the Divine Path of Inner Fire awakens the Sacred Powers of Your Heart, your Passion, and your Purpose.

As you navigate each Divine Path, and learn its timeless secret, the guidance you receive will progressively build on the wisdom of the previous path – like spiritual building blocks.

This way, by the time you have journeyed through all five paths, you will be living your life through the Five Divine Principles that uphold the Universe. Together you and I will venture onto each of these transformational paths to learn their divine secrets and awaken the Sacred Powers that have been resting at your core since the moment the Universe first breathed life into you.

Each step you take will unfold eternal truths to guide you on a lifelong journey of clarity and connection, expansion and abundance, love and happiness, courage and confidence, and passion and purpose.

You will awaken a better version of yourself as you let go of what no longer serves you, strengthen your resolve, lean in the direction of your dreams, learn to step into your power, connect with divine spirit, and live the life you were meant to live.

No equipment is necessary. You already have everything you need to attain this heightened state of self-actualization. You simply need to trust, read on, and surrender to the guidance that follows.

I’ll be right here with you as we take our steps along the Five Divine Paths uncovering their magnificent secrets. And I will share with you the eternal wisdom of the Sacred Powers, offering real-world solutions to help you transcend your current fears, blockages, and constrictions. Together, we will manifest our dreams!

Peace. -davidji

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