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Flowing the Master Elements Weekend Meditation

Happy weekend, Spiritual Warrior!

The five mahabhutas, or master elements, are: space. air, fire, water, and earth, and they each have specific characteristics and healing properties to offer. In this meditation, allow the master elements to flow into you to strengthen and awaken the characteristics that come from each element. When you have each of these elements flowing through you, you are balanced and connected to the divine.

Mantra: Aham brahmasmi

 width=Want to explore each mahabhuta in more detail?

The 40 Days of Transformation takes you on a journey of deep self-exploration and liberation through 40 guided meditation tracks to help you awaken the best version of yourself. Topics include the 5 master elements in detail, plus instruction on Vedanta, Ayurveda, emotional intelligence, abundance consciousness, non-violent communication, mind body nourishment, higher states of consciousness, doshas, intention setting, emotional release techniques, conscious choice-making, yoga philosophy & living with grace in the real world, and more.

These sessions include both guided and silent meditations as well as pranayam, visualizations, and practical next steps to integrate into your daily life.

Available on all online retailers including:

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New to the 40 Days? Sample these meditations from the album.

Day 1: I AM

Day 11: Core Elements of Meditation

Day 21: Discovering Your Soul

Day 31: Conscious Communication

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