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What Is the Divine Principle of Awareness?

Welcome to this week’s edition The Source, in which we explore the Divine Principle of Awareness!

Think of everything else in your life that you’ve drifted your attention to over the past few days. How about that conversation you recently had with a close friend of yours? Maybe you’ve been obsessing over what someone else is thinking. How about the internal conversations you’ve been having with yourself about your health, your aging, your love life, your relatives, your money? What aspects of those issues has your attention been focused on? Successes or failures? Satisfaction or fear? Self-reflection or rumination? And how much has your attention been on these issues? Let’s cut to the core right now and explore your current state of attention with a short journaling exercise. You can download the worksheet or just follow the questions and write them in your own journal.

Click here to download the Power of Attention Worksheet!

It all comes down to attention. Wherever your attention is, you’re giving power and energy—consciously or unconsciously—to the outcome you anticipate. If you fear the outcome, it prevents your natural ability of intention to unfold.

If you are working toward the outcome, you are in the process of manifesting the outcome. When we expand our thinking and allow more possibilities to enter into our awareness – even just a little bit – our Sacred Power of Attention will begin to provide solutions.

I dive in even more deeply into the power of attention, including additional exercises, in Sacred Powers. You can order the book at any of these online retailers.

Keep meditating, and I’ll see you in the gap!!! Peace. -davidji

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