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The Present Moment

As my teacher and beloved friend Dr. David Simon traveled along the journey of the last 20 months of his life, he bravely stepped into each moment without conditions, expectations, or preconceived notions. He was making piece with this being human thing and all the anticipations of the next moment that each of us have. As his life unfolded each day, he acknowledged that there was a finite amount of time for him to walk this earthly realm – that the seconds were counting down…not just for him but for all of us but that the highlights of each day were when he would catch himself being present. Over the years, he had often joked during his lectures, “None of us gets out of here alive.” And yet he would marvel over the fact that even though we all know that we will die, we live our lives as if they will go on forever…wasting precious moments…as the clock keeps ticking.

Each day that he was blessed to awaken, he would remind me of the value of the powerful efficiency that resides in each moment – to do less and be more; try less, achieve more; work less, live more. He dedicated each remaining day to drinking in each moment as if it was the last or as Thoreau so eloquently wrote in his classic Walden, “to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life.”

In Deepak Chopra’s timeless classic, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, he references the immortal guiding words of the Zen sage Lao Tzu, when he writes, “An Integral being knows without going, sees without looking, and accomplishes without doing.” In our goal-oriented society where everything is about focus and effort in order to achieve, it seems contradictory that we could accomplish our goals through less effort. But that is the power of the present moment…pregnant with possibilities, infinite in its creativity, whole, perfect, pure, and able to flow in any direction.

When we access this space of pure present moment awareness, our next step carries less of the conditioned baggage, less of the knee-jerk reaction, less of the constrictions that flowed through our bodies and minds only minutes ago. It is in the present moment that the memories of the past and the fantasies of the future drift away to reveal a moment that is truly beyond space and time…a moment that carries no baggage, no past trauma, no remnants of unmet needs, no disappointments, no emotional turbulence, no feelings of “less-than” and no limiting beliefs. The choices and decisions we make from this place are the highest demonstration of who we can be…what flows from this point is our most divine expression.

Essentially, the present moment is your pathway to your most divine Self. And when you can purely show up in this present moment rather than immersing into some past moment or future projection, you step into the future with greater grace and greater ease. This doesn’t mean you abandon your sweet memories and connections that you have woven throughout your life. And it doesn’t mean that you give up your dreams. No not at all. It means you bring them into this moment and look at them through the lens of the present moment rather than through the constrictions of the past and limited vision of the future.

So how do we get there? And how deep do we need to go to get to the Truth? How high do we need to soar to connect to our very essence?

We are already there…but the mist of daily illusion swirling about us often obscures the Light that is inside. But through BEing present, we can give our self permission to settle down just a bit so we can truly experience quietude and NO thing ness – we can actually experience pure, unbounded consciousness. When we settle down even more deeply, we can hear the whispers of the divine and tap into source at the most innocent level. And then we can take our next step into the realm of pure potentiality where our next thought, our next word, our next deed…is magnificent, unconditioned, and pregnant with possibilities.

It is through the sweet act of daily meditation that we connect to the present moment…that sweet sliver between our thoughts, between our words, between our actions. We can start right now by simply breathing and witnessing the gentle in and out that connects us to this moment. The perfect metaphor to remind us in every breath that we are the present moment. Breathe in deeply right now and feel your ONE-ness, your union, your power!

If you’re like me, you’ve had a lot of things…that you don’t have anymore; you’ve loved a lot of people, who are no longer in your life; you’ve got dreams and desires of where you want to be, what you want to do, and how you’re going to get there.

So today…and every day, as you stub your toe, or feel constricted, or find yourself predicting the future or replaying the past, come back to the NOW and remind yourself: here I am in this precious, sacred moment…what am I going to do with it?