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Living our Dharma

Looking at Living our Dharma - our noble purpose, our dream life.

Hello, Spiritual Warrior!

This week we are looking at Living our Dharma – our noble purpose, our dream life. What would you be doing with your life if you didn’t have to think about money or all of the day-to-day things that can sometimes get in the way of us living our deepest desires?

In this video, I’ve listed ten questions that you can ask yourself, in order to start living in more alignment towards your truest purpose, the reason you are here – on this planet, right here and now:

  1. What sparks my passion?Living our Dharma
  2. Who’s in my front row – who are my cheerleaders? Let me put my attention on them and not on the people who aren’t rooting for me.
  3. What is my unique gift, my talent, to serve or heal others?
  4. What can I offer the world – the things that light me up and offer solutions to other people’s problems?
  5. What’s my dream? My deepest desire?
  6. What can I leverage right now – what can I do and how can I raise my vibration in the world right now?
  7. What step can I take right now – a baby step – to get closer to the dream?
  8. What’s involved with that step – what do I need to do? What’s the action I need to take?
  9. Will I give myself permission right now to reach out to whoever I need to?
  10. What commitment can I make right now?

Give yourself some time to ponder these questions, and then take the actions needed in order to live more in alignment with your destined path. You are here for a reason! Let the world see the unique light that only you can shine.

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Namaste. -davidji & Peaches the Buddha Princess

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