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6 Stages of the Present Moment Experience

Happy Monday, Spiritual Warriors!

This week we explore the power of present moment awareness.

In our modern society, we view the present moment as a potential interruption between what we were doing and what we could be doing. We use phrases like “carve out time,” “make time,” and “squeeze it in,” as if time is a separate entity that is always imposing itself on us.

We often postpone being fully present with those near and dear to us. We multitask our love, fragmenting our affection over several people and things simultaneously. We often hold back an innocent expression of kindness for fear of it being misinterpreted. We keep our distance because we don’t know what to do with that empty space where connection flows. And yet we are all just stumbling in the darkness of loneliness begging for someone to light a match. We’ve grown so accustomed to seeing ourselves as individual beings that we often rationalize our isolation as being normal.


In our current world, where everything is on-demand, we rarely infuse presence into the soundtrack of our life. Yet, no song could truly exist unless there was a space between the notes being played, or a space between the words being sung.

Presence is the powerful stillness and silence that already exists before activity arises. It is there before and after every thought, word and action. But, we rarely acknowledge it or celebrate it. Instead, we rationalize it away by filling those spaces with more activity.

And, yet, the present moment is actually the only thing we have.

Compared to the eternity of the cosmos, this physical life of ours is as short as a flash of lightning. We will all leave this earthly existence at some point. That alone should inspire us to celebrate our own presence right now—and that of everyone in our lives.

Sending you peace, love and health. Be well. Namaste. -davidji & Peaches the Buddha Princess

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