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Let’s Soar into the New Year with Greater Grace & Ease

OMG Spiritual Warriors… it’s 2018! It’s really here! Now what?

As January unfolds, I’ll be leading a workshop for the first time in Las Vegas at TruYoga Jan. 12-14; then in San Diego, for the first ever MEDITATED & LIBERATED workshop Jan. 17-21; and then later in the month I’m kicking off my Canadian Sacred Powers book tour in Toronto (stay tuned for details)!!!

So much has happened over the past 365 days – highs & lows, challenges & breakthroughs, movement & stagnation, sadness & celebration, beginnings & endings, and through it all – we’ve grown, we’ve blossomed, and bloomed.

And here we are with a clean slate; an open plan with 364 new 24-hour periods manifest our dreams and desires.

Many times the days will go by, and suddenly it’s spring. Those personal agreements we made with ourselves will have drifted into the ether.

Why do we float away from the intentions that are so important to us? Back to our conditioned patterns; back into the habits that don’t serve us or our loved ones, our bosses, our partners. It’s just natural and human to revert to our conditioned stories and behaviors. But we can break out and change that now.

The key is putting our dreams out there and slowly, consistently growing into them. Step by step, bean by bean, growing into our dreams. And when we find ourselves reverting to our old “norm,” don’t beat up yourself — just take a baby step back to your dream.

So, in 2018 let’s dream magnificent dreams. Let’s play big!! Let’s set heroic trajectories and remind ourselves each day that the journey of 1,000 miles is accomplished by placing one foot in front of the other… step by step… one day at a time.

Let’s start by setting our course – making a commitment to show up each day and be present. Meditate every morning so that the seed of each day starts with stillness and silence and unfolds with infinite possibilities. Let’s lead with love, compassion, and forgiveness. And know that every decision is a choice between a grievance and a miracle. And then let’s place one foot in front of the other and celebrate the baby steps knowing they are miraculous and will deliver us to where we want to be with grace and ease.


Join me in making the commitment to make 2018 the most amazing year of our lives. Ready? I’ll see you in the gap!! Peace. -davidji

8 thoughts on “Let’s Soar into the New Year with Greater Grace & Ease”

  1. I’m in, Davidji! Thank you 🙏 with much gratitude for giving us your gifts and may you be blessed. Let’s rock this year! 🌎Peace✌️

  2. I’m in davidji! I do each of those 5 things, but not daily. Am making it a practice that I keep. Have a great picture of you and I in Philly at the ‘I Can Do It!” Since then I share who you are and your meditations etc. I’m an energy healer and teacher, so many things that you offer, I pass on to others. I even have my husband meditating with me to your meditations! My latest thought is to suggest to a Women’s group I’m in, that we all the read ‘destressyfying’ It’s an amazing book! Thank you!
    Then Sacred Powers. Your writing is so accessible!
    I live in New Hampshire now. At this point in time your trainings are out of reach. Some day…
    Namaste, Kathie V. Davis

  3. I’m thnking of you and sending LOVE 🙂 !! I’m IN to more transformation every day flowing with every step along the way being meditative. Much gratitude Davidji to living & being your Dharma! Lets ROCK 2018
    so much Gia vibrates new harmonics! 🙂

  4. Great post Davidji! I can’t wait to see you in the gap! I just booked the Paradise Point retreat today. I am beyond excited. Looking forward to seeing you and Libby!


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