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Setting Your Course for 2018 Starts Now

You are your deepest driving desire. As is your desire, so is your will. As is your will, so is your deed. As is your deed, so is your destiny.

–Brihadaranyaka Upanishad; Book IV; Chapter 4; Verse 5.

Hello Spiritual Warriors and welcome to this edition of The Source, where we dive deep into ancient wisdom practices and introduce them into our real world day-to-day moments. This week, we begin our journey of setting our course for 2018!

Whether the year is panning out for you… whether great magnificence has unfolded for you… whether or not you’ve experienced loss, pain, heartache or suffering… we can always make the next unfolding of life a bit easier… a bit more fulfilling… a bit more empowering by following time-tested steps to boldly step forward.

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This March and April, I will guide a small group of spiritual seekers through the most effective steps to take their lives to the next level. The experience is called Manifesting Your Dream Life – and over 4 days, 25 of us dive into the teachings and the practices to unfold the best year of our life. This will be our sixth year of designing and implementing customized action plans to make 2018 the most amazing year of our life.

And we do it in an intimate, safe, open-hearted environment at the Meditation Nest in the SweetSpot of the Universe. Our toes are in the sand, the Pacific is our backdrop (it’s whale watching season), we’re breathing ocean air and we are meditating and diving deep into the practices to take our life to a more fulfilling space as soon as we return home.

 width= If you’ve not joined me in the past for a davidji retreat, I strongly encourage you to consider taking the leap – either this January 17-21 at the first ever MEDITATED & LIBERATED retreat in San Diego or in March or April in the SweetSpot.  Attendees have enthusiastically shared their feedback and the results have been profound, enlightening, life-affirming and healing. Tears are released, hearts are opened, and courage is awakened, aha! moments are commonplace, and life-long friendships are created.

Oh… and you’ll really learn to meditate!!!

If you are not able to join me for Manifesting Your Dream Life, here are a few steps you can take right now to establish a sweet trajectory heading into 2018 and beyond.

The key is to first establish yourself in stillness and silence so you can hear the true whispers of the Universe as they divinely guide you. If it’s too noisy in your head or your heart, you can’t hear or feel anything. So, cultivating a daily practice to connect you to Source is the core platform from which your highest thoughts, words, and actions will flow.

Once you are truly established in awareness, a powerful next step is to create some space for new things to flow into you… new ideas, unconditioned viewpoints, fresh perspectives, limitless beliefs, and positive interpretations.

It is the natural order of the Universe to fill what is empty and to empty what is full. So by releasing what no longer serves you and giving yourself permission to truly let go, you create a fertile environment for the new nourishing thoughts, behaviors, and mindsets to enter into your emptiness.

Opening up space is an ancient process that has been practiced for thousands of years by the ancient seers, and indigenous people throughout the world – from Aborigines, to Native Americans, First Nation cultures and those who practice the healing arts of the East.

 width=Space, known in Sanskrit as akasha, is the emptiness from which all new births flow… our ability to seek and find new directions, new horizons, new thought patterns… new energy in any moment. All our creativity stems from this womb of the Universe and you can awaken it in yourself, simply by allowing the conditioned constrictions to which you currently cling, to be effortlessly released. And poof! There is a void… an akasha – a space within you, with a desire to be filled!

You don’t need to take action to fill it; it will happen naturally – that’s how the Universe works. Then what you need to do next, while this space is totally available, is to gain clarity on identifying your needs and desires. And once you are clear on those… you must boldly step into the direction of your dream.

 width=You can make this even more tangible by writing down on paper what you are giving yourself permission to release. And, you can accelerate the process by emailing it to me at info@davidji.com to get it moving through the ether.

In the meantime, let’s commit to personal transformation and accepting the fact that all answers rest within. You simply need to get out of the way so they can awaken in your life.

Keep meditating. Keep trusting. And, I’ll see you in the gap! Aham brahmasmi baby!

peace. -davidji

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