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5 thoughts on “Awakened Heart Weekend Meditation”

  1. Love the continuous background music, allows the mind to relax with no silent break or trying to learn and remember a mantra. I prefer this new style! Thank you.

  2. Such a moving meditation my heart is overflowing with uncontrollable emotion. Where does that come from? Namaste to all 🙏💕

  3. Dear Davidji (and staff)”
    Thank you for the chance to be a part of your book launch. I felt a rise of vibration for two days after.
    I hope leaving early wasn’t disruptive. I choose to be near the door as I wasn’t certain I could last the full time. I wasn’t feeling well but it meant a lot to me to attend and also to have your latest book. The first time I was at Unplugged I saw your previous 2 books which I had read. I never thought I would be sitting there meditating for your recent publication. That was nice. The kind postcard of Peaches and Peace made me cry. Kindness does that as it’s been too rare for many years. Om Shanti and Namaste

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