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Divine Principle of Awareness Weekend Meditation

Happy weekend, Spiritual Warrior!!!

Every moment in our existence begins with awareness. If we are not aware of something, it doesn’t exist in our consciousness. But when we place our attention on that thing . . . poof! It becomes “real.”

The Divine Principle of Awareness is the evolutionary starting point for transforming the world around you as you transform yourself!

It’s the cornerstone for every step you take to move your life from where it is to where you’d like to be. Establishing ourselves in a state of expanded awareness raises our vibration and suddenly places us in a position to make better decisions—choices driven by courage, strength, our best version, and our highest truth rather than from a space of fear, desperation, or weakness.

Let’s awaken a new, empowered mind-set and navigate this week with confidence, clarity, and deeper understanding! Enjoy!

Peace. -davidji

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