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Ready for REbirth Weekend Meditation

Happy weekend, Spiritual Warrior!

We all would like to turn back the clock to a moment in time or simply push the reset button to see if we might have better luck the second time around. In golf, they call it a mulligan, when your first shot goes into the woods, and you give yourself a second chance by teeing the ball up one more time. In dermatology, it’s called rejuvenation, when the damage of a lifetime of aging is repaired and damaged tissues are replaced.

But we are multidimensional Beings. And for most of us, the new beginnings we seek are far beyond hitting a golf ball or renewing our skin cells. We seek the true REbirthing of many aspects of our emotional, physical, psychological, and spiritual selves. We long for the creation of new memories, new desires, new choices, and new dreams.

You’ve learned a lot over the course of your life. And if you could apply all that wisdom to your current circumstances and have a fresh start in just one area, your life would truly transform in magnificent ways.

REbirth is a spiritual homecoming—our returning to the memory of our wholeness before we carved out all the ruts, climbed the mountains, crawled up from the abysses, trudged across the valleys, slid down the hills, and fell down rabbit holes.

All these experiences have provided strength and wisdom, but we don’t need to hold onto the staleness of their trajectory. Even in the smallest of issues and the tiniest of concerns, you are worthy of a second chance. You are entitled to a new beginning!

Mantra: Om moksha ritam

Download this guided meditation to your library here.

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