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Meditation Should Be the Bookends of Our Day


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Hello Spiritual Warrior, and welcome to another edition of The Source. This week’s theme is “doing it right.”


For the past 15 years I’ve been stressing the importance of meditating twice a day. Just like the minimum requirement of brushing your teeth is twice a day.

Why is it so important? Because each meditation performs a separate and distinct outcome. They have different benefits and different side effects.

The first meditation of the day sets the table; it sets the trajectory of your day. And the second meditation of the day washes the dishes, processes our day, and it helps us release what no longer serves us.

[tweet_dis]Starting our day in stillness and silence sets our course for every single moment that will unfold throughout the day.[/tweet_dis] When silence is the seed that we plant to begin our morning, then we move through each interaction, each conversation, each scenario with a bit more patience, a bit more acceptance, a bit more tolerance, and a bit more peace of mind.

The second meditation in the late afternoon or early evening acts as the emotional cleanse of your day. In this meditation, we release all that we have absorbed over the course of our day: all the toxicity, constrictions, challenging interactions, and irritations that are rippling through our cells.

All the blockages, limiting beliefs, frustrations, and patterns that offer no value to us – that provide nothing to us going forward – are gently released in the second meditation of the day..

We start each day by setting the table and end end our day by washing the dishes. We would never confuse those two activities or skip one. Both are critical. Right?

So let’s commit to honoring the book-ends of our day. Let’s start our day with RPM (Rise Pee Meditate), and let’s end our day with RAW (right after work).

The very last thing you do before you walk out the door; or the very very very first thing you do when you get home. Let’s lean into our practice today and begin to ritualize the life-affirming nourishing aspects that keep us engaged.

Please share your comments, curiosities, aha! moments, and questions, below – remember, we are all here to support each other in the Sweetspot Community.

Let’s keep the momentum flowing. Keep it real and keep meditating.

Peace. -davidji

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