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Flowing Divine Love Weekend Meditation

May the wisdom and compassion of all beings increase, now and in the future.
May we clearly see all the barriers we erect between ourselves and others to be as insubstantial as our dreams.
May we appreciate the great perfection of all phenomena.
May we continue to open our hearts and minds, in order to work ceaselessly for the benefit of all beings.
May we go to the places that scare us.
May we lead the life of a warrior.”
― Pema Chödrön

Breathe in the unconditional loving kindness of the Universe. Together, weave some sweet metta into the fabric of our lives. Imagine the possibilities. Kindness matters. Peace. -d

Mantra: Metta moksha

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9 thoughts on “Flowing Divine Love Weekend Meditation”

  1. You are a kind and loving teacher. You have calmed my soul and opened my heart! Thank you.

  2. Just discovered your peaceful and uplifting spirit 😊Your meditations have impacted my life experience, and I am thanking our Divine Source for you and your gift that your so wonderfully give❣️
    Love & kindness

  3. Thank you Davidji, you have my heartfelt gratitude for your awsome teaching. I feel that I have grown and that I truly am a Child of the Universe.
    During many of the meditations I feel tears flow freely, I’m happy but the tears still come. I do hope this is normal? My heart is touched, I have felt the Kiss of the Universe in my soul, this is thanks to you. Many, many blessings to you – and not forgetting Peaches the Buddha Princess.
    May we meet in the sweet spot but until then……
    Siouxi xx

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