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Happy New Year 2022! A Holiday Blessing for Your New Beginning

Happy Holidays & Happy New Year 2022, Spiritual Warrior!

When you release what no longer serves you, you create space for new potential and new opportunities. 

This is the opportunity for a fresh start and a new beginning with fewer binds to what no longer enriches, inspires, or motivates you in the new year 2022.

So much has happened over the past 365 days – highs and lows, challenges and breakthroughs, movement and stagnation, sadness and celebration, beginnings and endings, and through it all – you may have been scared, but you’ve also been brave. Maybe you’ve grown and learned to shed that which no longer serves you. Maybe you’ve blossomed and bloomed, or maybe you’re just now standing at the precipice of a new beginning.

new year 2022And here we are with a clean slate as we move into the new year 2022; an open plan with 365 new 24-hour periods manifest our dreams and desires.

Many times the days will go by, and suddenly it’s spring. Those personal agreements we made with ourselves will have drifted into the ether. Or maybe that which you tried to release has already tried to creep back into your life. 

Why do we float away from the intentions that are so important to us? Why do we fall back to our conditioned patterns; back into the habits that don’t serve us or our loved ones, our bosses, our partners.

It’s just natural and human to revert to our conditioned stories and behaviors. And that’s okay. It’s like a meditation practice. It’s a constant drifting back and firth from attention to distraction.

Stay strong as you step into this new year 2022, a new beginning. The key is putting our dreams out there and slowly, consistently growing into them throughout 2022. Steady consistent effort is key. 

So, this year, let’s dream magnificent dreams. Let’s play big!!

Let’s set meaningful trajectories and remind ourselves each day that the journey of 1,000 miles is accomplished by placing one foot in front of the other… step by step… one day at a time. We have infinite possibilities. You don’t have to accomplish it all right now. 

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Let’s keep this journey going together. We transform the world by transforming ourselves.

Namaste. -davidji & Peaches the Buddha Princess


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