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BEST Guided Meditation for Sleep and Manifestation – 20 Minute Guided Meditation

Hello Spiritual Warrior, let's dive right in. Today's guided meditation for sleep and manifestation will allow you to have a deep sleep and manifest next steps in your life.

Mantra: Om Haam Ritam

Sleep and manifestation go hand-in-hand especially when you add meditation into the mix. You can add manifestation as you drift away to sleep with these easy-to-follow tools. 

Once you meditate with my guided meditation for sleep and manifestation, check out these key steps on how you can begin to manifest your dream life in your sleep! These are only some of the tools you can use, but follow along to cultivate a powerful evening practice: 

1. Follow an evening ritual

Your evening ritual can begin as early as the moment you get home from work, school, or any other activity. You can begin to set the manifestation tone for your evening by dropping into a guided meditation. 

Your evening meditation ritual can be as simple as 16 seconds as you sit in your parked car or a full on 20 minute guided meditation like this guided meditation for sleep and manifestation.

Once you’ve taken time for self-care through meditation, you can move on to the rest of your even practices. This can include drinking water, cooking a healthy meal, taking a shower, journaling about your day, walking the dog, doing yoga, or watching a movie with your family. This can be anything, but try to keep your evening ritual consistent, especially what you do closer to bedtime. What will you include in your evening ritual?

A special note: Meditation before bed isn’t right for everyone. Sometimes it can boost your energy rather than prepare you for bed. Do what is best for you.

guided meditation for sleep and manifestation2. Go to bed at the same time every night

Even if you aren’t going to sleep at the same time every night, you want to go to bed at the same time, so you have enough time to settle in, journal, set your intentions, read your personal growth books, and repeat affirmations, and even meditate if you prefer what I like to call beditation – meditation in bed! 

It is important to take time to wind down even once you’re in bed so you ensure you are not carrying turbulent emotions into your sleep. Use that time in bed to build the good vibes and slow down to get good sleep. 

3. Try various manifestation techniques – see what works best for you.

You can journal, visualize how your life would be if you achieved a certain goal, or how you would feel if you reached a goal, or even begin to manifest how you would like to show up in certain situations. When you play the desired scenario several times in the mind, your subconscious registers it and helps manifest.

You can use this guided meditation for sleep and manifestation to begin to manifest your dream life. It will take time, but the more you practice this meditation and your evening ritual, you will see real results unfold in your life.

4. Maintain a gratitude journal before sleeping & after waking up

Before you go to sleep and after you wake up are two great times to express gratitude. One easy way is to keep a gratitude journal beside your bed and write down the things you are grateful for when inspiration sparks. You don’t have to sound artificial, just be grateful about the good things you experienced that day or in your life as a whole. You will begin to notice that you have a lot in life, and the more you express gratitude, the more the Universe supports your journey.  

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Namaste. -davidji & Peaches the Buddha Princess


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