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What’s the Decision You’ve been Hesitating to Make?

Hello Spiritual Warrior! And welcome to spring – a time for renewal, birthing new pathways, awakening to our best version!!!

At this time of year, I am always touched deeply by the words of Henry David Thoreau in his timeless classic Walden:

We should be blessed if we lived in the present always, and took advantage of every accident that befell us […] and did not spend our days in atoning for the neglect of past opportunities, which we call our duty. We loiter in winter while it is already spring. In a pleasant spring morning, all men’s sins are forgiven. (Spring.19)

Let’s take these words to heart right now and leap into the fray. If you’ve been holding back on moving forward, trying something new, or making a decision – trust that right now, you have all you need to make the most conscious choice.

Teacher Training in June
Teacher Training in June

Just yesterday, someone stopped me on the street and told me she had wanted to register for the Masters of Wisdom & Meditation Teacher Training but she was afraid. She actually uttered these words, “Who am I to be a teacher of something I have struggled with?” I asked myself the same question almost 15 years ago – but I leaped… dove in headfirst… and committed myself to an entirely new direction in my life.

In hindsight, it was the boldest move I ever made, the most nourishing step I could have taken, and the seed for all the gifts I have received since then. So let’s dig deep and step into our power this week. If you’ve been holding off having a difficult conversation – trust and make the call. If you’ve been making excuses that you’re not good enough to risk something new – give yourself permission to own your impact. If you’ve been fearful about stepping forward with a decision – close your eyes, place your hand on your heart and feel your courage.

And if you’ve been delaying making a commitment to personal development… in the words of Red Redding in The Shawshank Redemption: “Either get busy living or get busy dying!”

In honor of these words, register this week for one of the last 3 spots of my upcoming Teacher Training (starts online June 15 – & meets in the SweetSpot in October) and together we will transform the world as we transform ourselves. Trust & keep meditating. Aham brahmasmi baby!! peace. -davidji

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9 thoughts on “What’s the Decision You’ve been Hesitating to Make?”

  1. I have recently started reading your book destresafy and secrets of meditation i have tryinv them out on my students in yoga classes i hope you dont mind i listened to you for the first time on hayhouse just happened to turn it on at the right time ? Ugabuga as wayne dyer used to say i have pulled my other leg out of one world of killing myself working nonstop and left construction behind last year to teach yoga fulltime so aham brahmasmi from Dublin Davidji

  2. Davidji you’ve done it again, bang on target, exactly what I have needed all week. ….thank you as always

  3. Hi, I really embrace Davidjii meditations, his general outlook on life and I enjoy laughing out loud listening to his wit.
    I live in Ireland and hope to get to Carlsbad sometime soon. Just wondering if Davidjii travels and does retreats this side of the pond- Europe

  4. Good morning,

    As usual, the Universe guided me to this message I needed at this very moment.
    I was a follower of the first meditations with Deepak and you as one of the teacher. I am grateful for your site which brings me Love and Light.
    I am a reiki teacher , currently providing sessions to people with cancer. I also give meditation sessions to small groups and teach Coherence Cardiaque breathing exercises.
    I have taken, Primordial meditation, angel therapist with Doreen Virtue and other French courses/sessions .
    I feel in my heart/soul that it is time to become that full time teacher, to include children, to be a true messenger. What am I waiting for? Well I always blame , not enough money, my family( all grown up☺️) I am too shy….
    This is what I think is stopping me to touch more people.
    Thank you for reading and for your teaching.
    Love and Light

  5. I agree. But my problem is money. I so wanted to attend your event in Miami In April because you will be on the east coast and I am in Maine. As close as you will be, I still can’t afford the trip. I would so like to do your Masters of Wisdom course but again, finances prohibit me from taking the course. And I am so desperately in need of a major change in my life cuz right now I don’t have a life, I’m just existing. I have no interest, no passion. Not a good situation. But I do thank you for all you do. I enjoy your meditations that come in my email every week.
    Thank you, Kim Rowe in Portland Maine.

  6. Aloha Davidji!
    I hope you somehow get this message personally! I was delighted to see your new meditation class! I am teaching English on the Big Island (Kona side) and also teaching meditation to teachers twice a week! I would love to take your course & am excited about it. I have also decided to leave this full time job in order to be available for a new adventure! It’s time. I might sub or tutor a little to keep my toe in the game or I might stop to just read, write, meditate, and explore the infinite possibilities that await! I have not decided if I will move back to Belmont Heights in Long Beach or stay in Waikoloa. Do you possibly need a protégé or helper? I am enjoying your books and meditations so much! I have also introduced many people to your work over hear. I am going to sign up for your class and would love to dialogue with you about possibly joining your team in some way. I am so excited about exploring options and speaking with you. You have done an outstanding job of spreading “now consciousness ” to thousands of people. I believe that Spirit is whispering to me that something new is birthing. I feel that I am only just beginning. Hope to hear from you soon. Bright Days! Bibi Angola

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