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davidji's Blog

Opening Our Chakra Energy Centers – 25 Minute Guided Meditation

When our energy centers, or chakras, are open and vibrant we are abundantly rich in the vital life force, known in Sanskrit as “prana.” We feel grounded, inspired, energized, loving, kind, grateful, intuitive, and connected to source. When energy becomes stagnant in one or more of these vortex wheels, we are prone to experience emotional congestion fueled by fear, limiting beliefs, and lack of self-love – thus opening ourselves to emotional, physical, and spiritual pain.

Open, energized, and awakened chakras promote emotional and spiritual growth. We experience “free flowing” energy and information that moves in alignment within the natural rhythms of our bodies and the universal rhythms of nature.

Let’s pay attention to those energy centers that are open and flowing, and those that might be constricted. Enjoy your continued exploration on The Path to Enlightenment. Relax & enjoy the meditation.

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