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Change Your Life in 16 Seconds – Free Video Series!

Aham brahmasmi, Spiritual Warriors!

Exciting things are happening in the SweetSpot of the Universe … today I launch the FIRST free video 1 in my NEW series Cultivate Mindfulness in Daily Life! This project is a collaboration with Hay House, to whom I have such deep gratitude for being in my front row throughout this process. width=

There’s so much going on in our lives today. Cell phones, traffic, kids, school, work … it all feels like life is swirling around us at a pace we can’t keep up with. When we wish it could just slow down a bit, so we could make the best, most conscious choices for ourselves and everyone around us… BOOM! We’re swept up in a tsunami of thoughts, fears, confusion, overwhelm, regretted behaviors, knee-jerk emotions, and conditioned reactions.

free meditation series video 1









Sound familiar? In this engaging 4-part video series of personal transformation, you will learn:

  • to relieve stress in any moment
  • to be the calm amidst the chaos
  • an effortless daily meditation ritual
  • how to connect with your still point to center yourself
  • how to use meditation as a tool for manifesting
  • techniques to instantly shift the energy of a situation
  • how to cultivate a spiritual practice
  • the 5 myths of meditation, and
  • tips, tools, and techniques for living a life of greater ease, purpose, & peace of mind

My first free video 1 teaches you the power of meditation and how to easily and seamlessly integrate simple techniques – such as “16 Seconds” – into your day helping you become fully present, make more conscious choices and become more responsive and less reactive. You’ll learn how to use breathing techniques and other tools to literally interrupt the stress coming at you and slow your heart rate, ease the flood of thoughts and emotions, and lower your blood pressure.

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