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Healing Relationships Free Video Series – Video 2

Aham brahmasmi, Spiritual Warriors!

I’m so humbled that you’ve supported my new free video series from Hay House. There are hundreds of people sharing their stories about how meditation … even just 16 seconds of stillness and silence … is shaping their lives to become more present, less reactive and more responsive, less stressed and more focused.

My second video in the 4-part series is now LIVE! We all experience relationships that test our compassion and ability to love, however through meditation, you can learn to shift all relationships into ones of loving kindness. I discuss the gift of other people in our lives and how you can use meditation to bring any relationship to a place of beauty. 

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Video 1 is still available if you need to catch up. In it we learn how to use the concept of pattern interrupt to kick start a daily meditation practice, lower our blood pressure, slow our heart rate and make more conscious, mindful decisions.

free meditation series video 1

Journey with me through this process of cultivating mindfulness and becoming the best version of yourself. Video 3 will be released in a couple days, and I encourage you to share your experiences by posting your story in the comments section.

We transform the world, by transforming ourselves!

Peace. -davidji

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