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Am I Doing It Right? Free Video Series – Video 3

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Aham brahmasmi, Spiritual Warriors!

My free video series is on a roll! The THIRD video is now available. Thank you for watching video 1 and video 2, and if you left a comment thank you for sharing your story with the community.

Every meditation is a unique combination of experiences. And, only a few things can happen when you meditate. They are all valid experiences. No matter what method you are using as the object of your attention (mantra, visual, breath, chanting, chakra…), there are only a few things that can actually happen when you meditate in addition to the object of your attention, and I’ll talk about them in video 3.


Establishing a daily meditation practice can be intimidating if you think you’re “not doing right.” I’m going to erase those fears, and give you the tools to smoothly integrate meditation into your life. Please continue to share your experiences and thoughts in the comments section – I’m reading every one!  

We transform the world, by transforming ourselves! width=

Peace. -davidji

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